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30 3 Things Women Want In A Man

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After interviewing thousands of women I can boil things down for you in 3 succinct areas that are really important for you to grasp. Truly, what I've learned from women, combined with my willingness to take it from the man's point of view has led me to what I do today in changing the lives of thousands of men (and women) around the globe.

By the way, my teachings are based on having long-term relationships with women - if you're deal is to be a pick up artist and bed as many women as possible - I'm not judging you - but also be aware my materials aren't for you - what I teach is for good men that want a lasting relationship with one good woman.

3 things women want in a man

Be A Gentleman

A gentleman is a unique type of dude - he's strong enough to have his own opinion and isn't afraid to say no when he really doesn't want to do something but on the other hand he's not a caveman that will never see his partner's point of view. He doesn't have a problem with compromise and he certainly doesn't see his lady as someone that he owns or controls.

He's a real man's man but also a gentle cat that gets along with everyone that he encounters (as long as they don't mess with him!) I teach in my dating relationship education course named THE SYSTEM that you don't want to be a WIMPUS AMERICANUS (too happy to be there) nor do you want to be a MACHO BOY (thinking that she's lucky to breathe the same air as you).

By the way, the MACHO BOY and BAD BOY are one in the same - and women like them better than WIMPUS because they don't fall at her feet - it is better to be a MACHO BOY than the WIMP but good women get tired of the act after awhile because these guys are so negative.

When you're a gentleman you are a positive force - you're no one's fool but you're also a guy that can be flexible and giving (just as you want her to be).

3 things women want in a man

Be Humorous

Make her laugh man - and if you're not funny then GET BETTER AT IT. You've got no excuses not to get funnier.

Now I know that were not all destined to do a funny rap alongside Jimmy Fallon but that doesn't mean you can't take your game to the next level and get more humorous than you already are. There are books, classes, audio, YouTube video, local community theater, improve troupes, etc. that can get you funnier! You could even listen to XM Radio's comedy channels and expose yourself to stand up all the time so that some of that stuff starts seeping in.

Being humorous doesn't mean you tell jokes all the time - the best comedians in the world don't tell jokes. They take an every day situation and put a twist on it and make it funnier. It's a way of looking at the world in a bit of an off-center way that makes you laugh.

For example, I've been watching a lot of Seinfeld lately since he just cut the deal with Hulu to stream all his shows and he had that one famous routine where he talks about the commercial where the laundry product claims to get blood out of your shirt and he postulates that perhaps laundry isn't your biggest problem if you need to get blood out of your shirt. It's not a joke per se but a funny way of looking at a commercial that we've all seen a bunch of times. Make an effort to be better at making her laugh - she LOVES to laugh.


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3 things women want in a man

Be On The Path To Improvement

Only the MERCENARY/GOLD DIGGER cares that you've fully arrived before she bleeds you dry - the good women of the world just want to know that you're actively trying to improve yourself just as they are.

There isn't one person in the world that can't use improvement - I keep going back to Jerry Rice - who was the greatest WR of all time in the NFL and in his Hall of Fame speech he talked about how he continually tried to improve. How do you improve on what he did? The answer is you keep trying if you're Jerry Rice because you're never satisfied with whatever "success" you've had because you know you can do better. I advise guys to be lifelong learners and explorers that are curious and not base their decisions on what they do on whether or not they're going to get this girl or that girl.

Yes, I know if you're reading this you want someone but she's not going to appear because you did things with attracting her as your primary goal - she'll appear because you're the type of guy that she's looking for. What type is that you may ask?

You're the type that is taking what you have and improving it every single day regardless of what others may think - including her. If the end game is to "get a girl" then you're mindset is wrong. You should always be a better version of yourself that works to make that happen every single day - and the only criteria you should judge yourself on is "am I surpassing the me that existed yesterday?" If you enhance the 3 areas above then you'll be the type of guy that women want - and no better time than the present to start!

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