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Dating Women Advice: 3 Reasons To NOT Text Her Constantly


Technology is changing – human nature isn’t. When considering tapping out a quick message on your new iPhone (because the screen is so big and it’s so easy!) then consider the 3 reasons below why it’s a bad idea to stay in constant contact with her.


Body Language & Tone Are Out The Window

If you’re sitting right across from her you can tell your stories in such a way they come off humorous and light & see her reaction. You get instant feedback on your interaction – because you’re in the real world face to face with her.

Over text you lose that human to human interaction – and it’s a clunky way to have a conversation. It’s impossible to keep your fingers moving as fast as you can move your vocal cords and you really have no idea what impact your words had until the next text rolls in. Compare that to INSTANTLY seeing her eyes light up with your funny joke.

Also, you have to explain yourself too much in texts – especially if you don’t know her that well because you want to make sure she’s interpreting your commentary in the right way – you don’t want her to be insulted by something you’re kidding about, right? In person with your body language, tone of voice and the way you deliver things she can instantly know where you’re coming from – but in texts you have to overload the “LOL’s,” “J/K’s” and smiley faces to make the point that it’s a joke sometimes.

No matter what, a conversation via text is a bad look because there is so LITTLE feedback you can get for your words versus real world conversation.

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Want Her To Think You Have No Life?

She wants you to text her after the date to make sure “you got home safely” or likes hearing from you when she wakes up or enjoys taking a break in the middle of the day to read your texts. Aren’t life and love grand? Who knew that $100 a month you spent on your Smart Phone was the key to getting her to fall in love with her?

It isn’t.

I love chocolate ice cream and when I’m really hungry for it I can eat the whole half-gallon but on the rare occasions I do something that dumb my stomach resembles a drunken brawl among rival sports fans. Even though I love chocolate ice cream and THOUGHT I WANTED to eat the whole half-gallon I really didn’t.
Same with her – she THINKS SHE WANTS a guy to constantly communicate with her as he lavishes her with attention 160 characters at a time but in reality she’ll get sick of you texting just as my stomach got sick of having Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie poured into it.


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Can You Do This For 40 Years?

Okay, let’s just say you have a really insecure girl and she loves the fact that you text her all day long – because it’s validation of your undying love. You’re more than happy to oblige because it’s so cute she wants all this attention – and man, that long hair, those beautiful eyes , her soft voice as she laughs – how could you not want to stay in contact with this angel?

I’m here to tell you that’s it’s all fun and games until your orthopedic surgeon gleefully exclaims “New Porsche for me!” as he’s looking over your carpal tunnel. Okay, maybe not to that extreme but can you imagine having your Samsung Galaxy be your electronic leash for the next 6 months, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 40 years???? Because that’s what it will be. Once you start the texting habit you won’t be able to go back.

Believe me when I tell you what once was “cute” will become a mind-numbing chore as you pass the 2,000,000 text mark quicker than you get to your silver anniversary.

There’s really only one of two ways to go with texting – either you have a woman with normal to high self-esteem that will get sick of your texting and drop you or you’ll get a low self-esteem type to constantly need a text “hit” from you as you rapidly dream of a day where you can sink your phone in the nearest body of water!

Hi Garry,


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And let me explain something to you. Interest Level doesn’t drop from 100% to 49% in an hour, or overnight, even though that’s the man’s perception of what’s going on. No, like my cousin Rabbi Love says, “It takes time and negligence to erode.” That’s why if you’d have memorized my materials, when it went from 91% to 89% you would have known to start getting into my MAINTENANCE PROGRAM, which will secure the woman wanting to stay with you forever. But like most men in America, you knew how to get her, but you didn’t know how to keep her. That’s why a majority of women recently reported in a national survey that they wouldn’t marry the same guy again. But since you didn’t have my book, what’s happened to you now is predictable.


You might have thought this situation was going to improve on its own, Garry, but when Interest Level goes 60%...58%..56%...54%, it’s like an airplane going down. It won’t pull up by itself. Like my cousin General Love says, “It just crashes and burns.” And that’s what happened with your wife. You murdered her Interest Level through your deportment.


So when your relationship with Donatella took another dive, why didn’t you Google a love doctor for some advice? The question to ask was, why is this woman so turned off when for eight or 10 years she idolized me? Dude, a good salary and taking care of your family financially doesn’t equate to romance to a female.


Your wife had been showing you for a long time that you were miles apart. Did she really have to verbalize it and tell you she no longer loved you? You’ve been with her for a long time, and when she finally said it after a deterioration of five or six years, it was only then that you sat up and took notice? Are you blind? And to you Psych majors, when she tells you that she no longer loves you, you are OUT.


Now let me explain something else to you. When Interest Level consistently drops, it’s NEVER temporary. It’s only temporary until she leaves. Then it’s final,


Now you’re in a fatal depression, pal. If you’d been studying my book all along, it would have made the pain more bearable. So the first thing you have to do now is have “The System” OVERNIGHTED to you and MEMORIZE it (or get an immediate download - SYSTEM AUDIO or ELECTRONIC SYSTEM). Because when it comes to women, you are absolutely clueless, even after you’ve lived with this woman for so long. Garry, I know more about your wife than you do and I’ve never even met the woman. And that’s very sad.


Then, like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L.A. says, “You have to suck it up.” When Donatella calls, be polite, don’t talk about your relationship, ask her how much money she needs, send her a check and ask her if there’s anything more you can do for her. Maybe, with time, she’ll meet you for coffee, then maybe a dinner date, then maybe you’ll move into getting her back into the house. Try to talk to your kids as much as possible. You’ll have to apologize for blowing up and making a fool of yourself because when you did that, it only reinforced your wife’s low Interest Level. Because what she said to herself was that she didn’t realize that her husband was so lacking in Self-Control!


But no matter what, you still need my book. You need to find out where you went wrong with your wife. Like I said earlier, you’re clueless.


Whether or not Donatella has found someone else is beyond your control. So don’t make the problem even worse than it is. Get “The System,” study it like heck, and we’ll do our best to get her back.


Donatella didn’t throw away anything over nothing. You stopped romancing your wife and took her for granted. You never told her she was Beautiful. You didn’t treat her like a woman. If you did, she would still be all over you.


Remember, guys: to keep your wife in love with you, you have to date her.

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  • jack forrest says:

    Thanks Dr!

    I wondered yr stance and knowledge on texting. I don’t.
    I’m a successful systems student from 2001, I use the texting “fad” as phone. or answering machines..ONLY to set the personal meet. AS you directed in 2001.
    er, WHO else is reading these texts? Of course you have NO Idea!
    texting is an unfair negotiation tools for too many, if they TRY? It’s dishonest.
    Always keep in mind, you ONLY need one balanced, flexible, happy women. Find her? NEVER emotionally puke on her, or disrespect what you have created TOGETHER. Keep it light and fun- (real romance is special & GREAT at 55 ).
    (And i’ve put this on the internet___chuckle).

    Thanks again, (after -nine highly romantic years of love, with my late wife)- THE SYSTEM WORKS!
    WE had SO much romance that the ugly, angry, rigid, would curse us loudly in public, while I opened car doors in respect and love. Lonely “rubes” were reduced to public baby like ‘fits’ of rage. That -Public shouts and attacks, of course only Re-enforced the systems ways by her.
    I’m baaaaaaaaack, and armed with the system- looking for the real women in baby boomer seniors.
    The “system” is worth EVERY penny. It’s ALL about growing up .

  • Nicolas says:

    Hello Doc,

    What should I do when my date tells me to text her when I get home so that she knows “I got home safely.”

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