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The System - Audio Book

The System Audio Book

You've asked for it and it's here — DOC LOVE'S THE SYSTEM is now an audio book! You receive 176 high-quality stereo chapters. That includes NEW chapters such as "internet-social media-texting" plus select chapters from Mastery IV. As another bonus, you'll get a full-length Dating Women Radio Show from 1/16/14, previously available only to Doc Love Club Members.

As always, you get the Speech and Interview audio as part of your package. If you want to listen to actual chapters before you buy, get FOUR FREE CHAPTERS by signing up for my FREE newsletter here.

Before you order, please read:

1. You will need to be able to read ZIP FILES on your device - Search for "downloading ZIP files on my <fill in your device here>" to make sure you have the proper app.

2. The ZIP file you will download is large due to the high quality audio THE SYSTEM Audio Book was recorded in - over 500 MB.

3. The ZIP file contains MP3 audio files, PDF document files and JPEG image files.

4. If you have issues please email

Order The System - Audio Book

The System Audio Book

You'll get a downloadable .zip file containing:
     176 high quality stereo chapters
     NEW chapters such as "internet-social media-texting"
     Select chapters from Mastery IV
     Full-length Dating Women Radio Show (from 1/16/14)

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