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You Changed My Life: Preparation Is KEY

This picture just says it all. You can just see the mutual admiration and respect in our eyes. Thank you Doc for changing my life.

I wish Doc was here for me to thank him personally.  I’ve been a student for 4+ years.  Sure, it’s been a lot of “work” over that time, but it really doesn’t seem like work.  It’s about knowledge, growth and ultimately, enlightenment.  Then, about two months ago, out of the blue, what appears to be the first TRUE System girl finally came into my life.  She is absolutely World Class.  And she came after ME!  (Hey, somebody’s got to win the lottery.  Why not me?  I really DON’T see it as “luck”.  I’ve been PREPARING for it quite some time.)  And the best part?  Thanks to Doc & The System (Dating Dictionary), I NOW know EXACTLY what to do.

Your Faithful Student,

60 years YOUNG!

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  • Chris says:

    Listen to Don guys. He was prepared. Led with his brain and his gut rather than his heart. Faced reality. Used the system. Women like the chase (which only comes from challenge,) like to go slow, and like gentlemen (not pushovers) because she knows the gentleman respects her and, more importantly, himself.

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