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DWP 169: Sweet & Serene OR Difficult And Moody?

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DWP 169- Captain Obvious, right?  Would you rather have sweet & serene in a mate or difficult & moody?  Unfortunately it's not as cut and dry for some guys as it should be…This week's episode was originally found in THE DOC LOVE CLUB on 12/23/15 :

THE SYSTEM says that you want SWEET & SERENE versus DIFFICULT & MOODY – but unfortunately some guys don't pay attention to that – find out why not by checking out this podcast – listen to DWP 169!

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  • Brian says:

    Ugh, difficult and moody. I wasted a lot of time there because of high interest. I like the Windows Vista analogy. Very true. You cannot fix others, they have to fix themselves. Good luck waiting for that to happen.

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