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DWP 155: Even If She Blows You Off Due To This, It’s A Good Thing

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DWP 155- She blew you off due to this?  GOOD!!!!…This week's episode was originally found in THE DOC LOVE CLUB on 9/9/15 :

THE SYSTEM is all about making sure you have the right girl – and when you follow THE SYSTEM then sometimes women will not want to be with you – and THAT'S A GOOD THING – listen to DWP 155!

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  • DL Student says:

    A similar scenario happened to me a few months ago. Caprice gave me her number enthusiastically on a Monday and I waited until Sunday to call her. I called 3 times early Sunday evening and each time I got her voicemail. I didn’t leave a message and decided to “run into” her at work the next day. I asked her out for coffee on that Wednesday and she replied, “I’m busy” in a slightly angry tone. There was no counteroffer, so I knew that meant she had low interest level despite seeming to have interest a week earlier. Her tone of voice told me she was probably mad that I never called her. I figure she is probably structured and I pissed her off by not calling or leaving a message. I felt bad about making her mad, but I kept my mouth shut and avoided her afterwards. I initially blamed the “System” for weeding her out too quickly. I would’ve liked to go out on a few dates with her first or at least not made her so mad at me. I guess the “System” did what it was supposed to do, but I didn’t realize it was so powerful and also brought out the worst in the worst so fast.

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