DWP 080: Loyalty Is NUMBER ONE When Dating Women – And This Girl Isn’t Loyal | Doc Love - Dating Advice For Men

DWP 080: Loyalty Is NUMBER ONE When Dating Women – And This Girl Isn’t Loyal

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She Is Not Loyal… If you cannot have a woman that is loyal then there is no sense in dating her.  More on that in DWP 080

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  • Gus says:

    Re above podcast, there is no relationship, they are not boyfriend and girlfriend so Katy can date who she likes. Sh owes the guy zero loyalty as they are not in an exclusive relationship…

    • DocLove says:

      That’s where you’re wrong Gus – and I appreciate you writing but you’re off base here. The reason being is that she told him that she wanted him exclusively and even mentioned children. She gave him a lot of buying signals and indication that he was the only guy for her and yet is lunching with another guy in a flirtatious manner AFTER saying that? It’s a HUGE RED FLAG and he cannot trust what she says.

  • Fisher says:

    I came across Doc Loves materials about a year into my last relationship. That my girlfriend was keeping in touch with at least two ex-boyfriends had always bothered me. I was just about to put my house on the market and move in with her and decided to use that as an opportunity to tell her that communication with exes needed to stop or I could not move in with her.

    She acted shocked, was upset, and accuse me of trying to control her. I told her it would be disrespectful for her to be taking calls and text messages from ex-boyfriends while she was living with me. And that it was non-negotiable.

    I learned where I really stood that day.

    • DocLove says:

      You saved yourself a lifetime of misery – great story and way to stand up for yourself – thank you for writing

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