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DWP 033: Doc Is interviewed By Outlaw Dave In Houston (2nd Wk In A Row) – Including Selecting The Right Girl And 10 Great Tips For A 1st Date

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This Podcast Was Taken From Two Of Over 20 Interviews Doc had on The Outlaw Dave Show On KPRC In Houston:  Learn more about Outlaw Dave, support his show and listen here.

INTERVIEW #1…Selecting The Right Girl:  If you start with a bad foundation you can't build a great structure – same in dating.  Starting with the wrong girl ensures you end up in PAIN.  Learn how to select the right one.

Get THE SYSTEM: because this will change your life and answer the question why a woman chooses to stay with one man versus another.  Be the man she chooses to stay with.

INTERVIEW #2…10 Great Tips For A First Date:  Once you think you have the right girl don't blow it on the first date by paying attention to our 10 great tips for a first date.

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