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DWP 030: Building Muscle And Dating, Why Never Giving Up On A Hobby Relates To Dating, Meeting Women In Different Places PLUS MORE

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What Does Building Muscle Have To Do With Dating?:  You build your muscles up at the gym but you also need to build up your mentality and get tougher to get that lady you want!

Always Practice Self-Control:  She will throw curveballs at you – if you're not prepared then you can blow it with her.

You Don't Give Up On Your Hobby – Such As Golf – Why Do Guys Give Up On Women?:  It's the ego that gets in the way when guys refuse to improve in dating.  They'll buy 10 golf lessons, a new driver and hit 100 buckets of balls to get better at golf but when it comes to women?  A couple negative experiences and they give up.  What if you gave up on everything like you do women?  You'd never have a career or any hobby.

Observation Letter:  Our listener says having THE SYSTEM is like having a time machine – it's really an amazing point of view from this guy.

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Meeting Women In Different Places – BUT The Principles Of Approaching Are The Same: He meets women that are hiking – but sticks to the tenets of what we teach in that it takes 5 minutes to approach and if she's not interested then it's onto the next.

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