DWP 022: Fantasy Football And Dating, How Not To Break Up After A Trip – More Common Than You Think Actually PLUS MORE | Doc Love - Dating Advice For Men

DWP 022: Fantasy Football And Dating, How Not To Break Up After A Trip – More Common Than You Think Actually PLUS MORE

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Fantasy Football & THE SYSTEMTis the season!  Fantasy football is in full swing – what does it have to do with your dating life?  The energy you pour into your fantasy team is the same energy you should pour into selecting the right woman which is way more important.  Fantasy football is fun and can make you money – she can affect every aspect of your life – good or bad – make sure you pick a woman that will be a positive for you.

Woody Allen Movie:  Filled with WIMPS!

Trip Advice:  TRIPS CAN BE DEALBREAKERS – make sure you're ready for a trip with your girl because if you're not you could lose her.  DO NOT MISS OUR ADVICE on this.

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Marriage/Engagement Advice:  Is she hinting at marriage?  Tips on picking out the ring – does it have to be hard to do?  Do you have to get married right away just because you have the ring?  These questions and more will be answered!

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  • nick says:

    I’m sorry Doc i do not agree with you about the trips.
    If a woman is going to get turned off over these stupid little things that means she is structured.
    What are we us guys perfect ? We can’t make mistakes at all ? Maybe we should of been robots at this point. Its the example about the forks that are not well cleaned that you talk in the system. The structured woman bashes him while the good woman dosen’t get stuck on these little things.

    You should have a chapter in the system called TRIPS. Do’s and don’ts.
    I mean what if a woman takes us to a trip ? Does that means i violate the system cause i am not taking the lead although for the past year i took the lead ?

    • DocLove says:

      Hi Nick,

      Thanks for writing but I wasn’t referring to “little mistakes” but the fact that you can lower INTEREST LEVEL by veering from THE SYSTEM and some guys can’t handle doing THE SYSTEM 24/7 – they’re okay on a 4 hour date but can’t help reverting back to bad habits if they have to be with her an extended period of time. My point was that you #1 better have her love locked up and #2 be able to perform THE SYSTEM 24/7 if you’re going on a trip with her. Sadly some guys violate this and lose their girl

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