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Dating Women Radio Show Excerpt: What If She Brings Her Cell Phone On A Date?

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  • Filip says:

    Cellphone Mania

    Dear Doc,

    I met Caprice through my college, and for a couple of years we are sort of friends and talked every now and then. Both of us were in relationships at the time, however. Now we are both single, and so I asked her out after she initiated to meet. I got her number and asked her out.

    I went for the kiss on the second date, and I almost got a hug when I went for the kiss. But she stopped and said, what would you like this or that (a kiss or a hug). I said this. So I get a small kiss on the lips. Just for your information she did not touch me during the date and not so much laughter, so I wanted to test her interest level.

    Now. I believe my third date is a broken date and I think I got two major red flags. When we went out on the third date for dinner (counter to my original offer for the park), she shows up with a tonnes of books. I did not ask her why, should I have? Midterms are not to far away, so somehow I rationalized and just ignored it until she brought it up.

    She asked some questions and seemed generally interested, but during dinner she takes out her cellphone, and starts browsing messages. I asked “Are you expecting a call”, and she said no. So I asked, “Is someone you know in the emergency room?”. She said no, I am looking if my friend wrote to me. Then within 5-10 seconds she says, you know I will just call her. So while we are waiting for food, she is on the phone making plans with her friend to go study. After her call, I excuse myself and go to the bathroom for 10 minutes, instead of confronting.

    After our date, I take her to a local cafe she arranged to meet her friend, and it is 10 pm now (we met at 8 pm). I did not really want to kiss her after this date, and it was in a public space so I did not even try.

    Should I have confronted right away?

    When she called her friend should I have ended the date right there? Or maybe cut the date short.

    Should I have kissed her anyways?

    Note: She laughed at 1 out of my 3 jokes, and did not touch me on our second and third date.

  • nick says:

    I would of got up put my jacquet and leave by telling her you just reminded me i had plans with my friend too LOL

  • nick says:

    Thanks to you Doc i came up with that one.

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