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Dating Women Radio Show Excerpt: Let Her Come To You!

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  • Scott says:

    I completely agree with docs assessment of the podcast. This girl was not ready to make him the boyfriend. It took me at least 15 readings of the book as well as all of the mastery series to get a real handle and a feel for the material in real life applications. It is one thing to get the system intellectually it is another to understand it on an emotional level and use it in the moment. This is the difficult part.
    I met Cindy on match, and after 11 dates she told me that she was going to take down her profile. She did not ask me to take down my profile ( good sign) and I did not, at first. I knew, from studying the system, that this was her her way of asking me to be the boyfriend. After another week and another coffee date, which was miserable! I told her that I was going to take down my profile as well. She could not have been more delighted. We are now married for three years and I am as happy as I have ever been.
    If you read this on the air, know that we will be listening, as we listen every week. Thank you for everything you do for all us guys.
    Your loyal student Scott

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