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Dating Women Radio Show Excerpt: Texting Her Can Ruin Your Chances!


In this Dating Women Radio Show excerpt we talk about how if you're using the phone for anything but setting up a date then you can easily RUIN YOUR CHANCES WITH HER.  Find out more below...

Dating Women Radio Show Excerpt - Texting Her Can Ruin Your Chances!


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  • Nick says:

    Doc your awesome but you lost me here. You said to a stranger thats she is the smartest woman in AT&T and then thats she has brains and personality. But your system Cd you said you interviewed a dental hygenist and she complained that men compliment her on how smart she is etc…
    And complimenting women your putting them on a pedestal. Please explain the difference to make a woman feel good compared to putting them on a pedestal. I said this to a girl once on a 6th date i was driving at one point she says you missed the street to which i replied ‘Oh i got just distracted cause your very mezmerizing so its your fault lol.’ She laughed and called me silly but was it ok or too much.

    I also disagree with Jeff when he says you always have to be a charmer cause its part of you.
    You can’t always be a charmer and funny. You got your ups and downs. And sometimes you can’t think on your feet. You said if you have nothing to say you smile. Which is what i do. You don’t always get enough input from the woman to turn it in something funny or charming.

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