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Dating Women Radio Show Excerpt: Observations From The Shark Tank


In this Dating Women Radio Show excerpt we observed a few things from the popular ABC Show "The Shark Tank" that can help you in dating.  Check it out below...

Dating Women Radio Show Excerpt - Observations From The Shark Tank


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Brian - 1 January 2016 Reply

Hi Doc:

Barbara Corcoron on a prior show told the presenter he should be the mascot or face of the company “which was a pig”, and all the other sharks said to her “do you realize you just called him a pig or looked like a pig” and she denied it! lol

If her husband had the system, he would not be married to her! lol

Happy New Year!

    DocLove - 5 January 2016 Reply

    Brian, ha, good point – thanks for writing!!!!

Zarko - 1 January 2016 Reply

Happy New Year, Doc!

I wish you good health, a lot of happines and success!
Keep doing what you are doing and keep doing it better every day!

We appreciate your work!
Your friend,

    DocLove - 5 January 2016 Reply

    Zarko – HAPPY NEW YEAR – thanks for your support!!!

Anthony - 5 January 2016 Reply

Doc, I like this girl that goes to my church but she just recently started a long distance relationship with some guy who lives a thousand miles away. She still gives me all the buying signals and flirts with me. Can I just tell her to break up with her boyfriend so I can date her or should I wait till they break up? Thank you for your life changing book!! -Anthony

    DocLove - 5 January 2016 Reply

    Hi Anthony – be cordial to her but forget about it — she has a boyfriend so you’re wasting your time. She’s either into him and just being friendly – which means you’re out OR she’s disloyal to him and that means at some point she’d be disloyal to you. Either way it’s not worth it. Keep going for other girls and if she somehow comes around at some point, BONUS – but don’t count on it.

    Thanks for your support!

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