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Dating Women Advice: Bad Examples



To amp up your knowledge of THE SYSTEM, I created the MASTERY SERIES.  The column below originally appeared in MASTERY IV - enjoy!


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Every day guys are bombarded with bad examples.

Here's one: "My wife didn't want to marry me, but I finally wore her down and we tied the knot. That was 10 years ago."

If there's an audience when he makes that comment, there's a big round of applause (usually a large female audience).

He wore her down and convinced her to marry him! He may think he convinced her but he didn't.The guy is clueless about how women really think about relationships.He's married a woman that has low interest level in him.His wife (you can bet) is in charge.

How does she show her LOW INTEREST LEVEL in him?Let me count the ways.How about she nags him, puts him down in front of others, flirts with other guys (especially the ones she has HIGH INTEREST LEVEL in), never puts him first (her girlfriends are more important to her than him) and on and on.Why did she marry our clueless friend?

Just like her behavior towards him (low interest level), she may have married him to get away from a bad family situation, or our clueless friend is rich, how about a guy she wanted to marry dumped her and our friend is the best of a bad lot of choices.Remember guys, you never have to persuade a woman in love with you, to marry you; she will help you because she wants to be with you.The only way things will change for our clueless friend?

One of two ways.She leaves him or one of them dies.What are the chances of her leaving him? 100% if the man of her dreams asked her.

Guys, never settle for a woman with LOW INTEREST LEVEL in you. You will always be her odd man out.If you're one of those guys that doesn't care because you just have to be with her, get ready for the pain.

It won't happen if you're a SYSTEM guy.

A SYSTEM guy won't settle for second best. It may mean being alone for awhile or longer, but being in a loveless relationship where you're 5th on her list is not a good tradeoff.

Remember guys, you can't make someone love you.

With THE SYSTEM you have a chance at finding the right woman.

Without THE SYSTEM a lot of guys will just become more bad examples for people to talk about.

It's a shame.

What do YOU think? Don't be bashful - let me know below!!

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  • Gerry says:

    Spot on as usual Doc.. keep on opening the eyes of our fellow man.

  • DLstudent says:

    The beauty of The System is that it weeds out the women with low interest level and the ones with other issues like the control freaks, structured women, bad attitudes, etc. before you get in too deep in the relationship. I have yet to find any advice out there that is not full of half-truths, lies, or plain bad advice. Doc Love is unique. If you can’t get it with The System, you are one of the truly lost souls.

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