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Dating Single Women – Social Media Danger & Opportunity

dating women


I love the internet. I'm not going to bother giving you all my channels because you know them and also, all you have to do is Google me and you'll know Doc Love is ALL OVER THE PLACE ONLINE - but like anything there are positives and negatives - let's talk about social media and highlight a big pitfall and a big plus below.

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dating women

Pitfall of Social Media - Danger Ahead

Your whole life is on display whether you know it or not - whatever you decide to write about or post becomes a LIFELONG digital shadow that will always follow you around and once the future Ms. Right stumbles upon it, what will it say about you on its own? Remember, your random posts, photos, tweets, etc. have to explain themselves without the benefit of you adding any color to them because she'll likely Google you after date 2 and spend some time in her jammies getting to know you online.

Okay, maybe you're SQUEAKY CLEAN and your grandma's bingo posts are way more daring than anything you have concocted on your timeline - but still, it's INFORMATION on YOU and INFORMATION IS POWER.

She can get a bead on who you are, who your friends are, what you like to do, your quirks, etc - a whole plethora of information is out there about you, again, without you being able to be in front of her to add a backstory to it.

Maybe that beautiful blonde that tagged you with the picture of you hugging is your cousin but she looks at it and says: "Ugh, player."

You're giving her a window into your life when she's still a stranger and doesn't know you very well - and I much prefer she get to know me in person instead of scrolling through 1,000 online things I've posted.

I always tell you guys IT'S ALWAYS BETTER WHEN YOU CAN BE WITH HER IN THE REAL WORLD to get to know her.


Are you next?

dating women

Plus of Social Media - Too Many Selfies

I'm going to reverse myself a bit - and of course I don't want you to be too judgmental on stuff she has posted - because again, you should get to know her in the real world - but I will tell you that if you have a woman that has a ton of selfies and photos of herself then YOU SHOULD RUN (also, if she seems unbalanced in her posts then RUN as well - but that's something you already knew!)

The mentality of a girl that posts that volume of HERSELF online is all about ME, ME, ME, ME and I don't see how you are going to get past that to have a 50/50 relationship with her someday.

Also, do you want to be the star of her photo show someday? Talk about being out there! Someday when you two break up there will be 1,000 photos of you and her online for new women to check out - not good.

I prefer if the girl I'm going to take seriously is a little more reserved and private because that's how she'll treat our relationship. I don't need to be the star of her Instagram feed, that's for sure!

Doc Love's Final Word

Social media is a phenomenon not going away but that doesn't mean you have to be controlled by it. There are many business reasons to use it (LinkedIn comes to mind off the top of my head) but no one says you have to put your whole life out there for display to the world - especially to the future Ms. Right.

Remember guys, social media is just a tool for staying connected to information, entertainment and your friends - nothing more, nothing less - be careful with it.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION BELOW and tell me what you think or ask anything you'd like - thanks for reading!

dating women

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  • Zarko says:

    Hey Doc,

    Posting all the time, on Facebook, let’s say, trully reveals much information about your private life that is better kept for yourself or for your closed ones. It also gives a hint about your character. Either a man or a woman posting, liking, scrolling, etc. all day says that first heshe has no social life andor heshe has personal problems like low-self esteem, vanity, neediness, etc.

    Before doing something on the social network you should always keep in mind that other people will be seeing it and they will judge you for what they see and not for what it really is.

    So, keep it brief and show yourself in your best light.

    Thanks Doc,

  • Marcus says:

    Hey Doc,
    I want to thank you for the article you wrote as it really opened my eyes given today’s social media craze.
    I met a girl a few weeks ago who posts her entire life on Facebook from pictures with her family, to several selfies, & many religious posts on Facebook. I’m glad I’m not going to date this girl (this is a long story) as I would have been on plenty of those pictures as well & it would have haunted me in the dating arena the day the relationship ends.

    Thank you Doc,
    You truly are the best Love Doctor for us men,

  • Delf says:

    Hey Doc! Good article on social media! I want to ask you for a quick advice, I been dating a girl for 6 dates, is going great, she is presenting a big exam on friday, is it okay for me to wish her good luck or to much? She has gone out with me even if she has to study, wich I found as a good sign.

  • Saeed Nemati says:

    If a girl is with you, but she is still avtive online specially with guys’ comments like “you’re so pretty” or stuff like that, then she won’t be yours ever. She belongs to the whole commumity and she always need care and attention from other guys.

  • handy says:


    You are wrong. You can use social media to attack her psyche by just posting one picture where girl is kissing you, at the right time if you post that picture. She starts chasing you like a cat coz she is curious why that beautiful girl is with you and why she is not and what that girl is getting out of you. Curiosity kills a cat doc. However i agree it works only if you do at the right time. Too early diffuse the bomb and too late wont make the impact.

    When she chase you or get curious there is always many windows where you can easily make her feel special by saying it was her birthday and you threw surprise party etc. I even used whats app to tigger jealusy in other girl by just sending her picture of me and the girl together also showing her love letter girl wrote me. It fired the trigger and since then you can easily raise intrest level much higher,. till today when i used this experiment few girls ask me am i still with that girl ? and all of them wants to go out with me to that special place. 🙂 Ofcourse system is good but you have to be creative in some cases. 😉

    • DocLove says:

      I appreciate you writing but I can’t agree with this take – posting pics of you kissing other girls is not going to attract and keep Ms. Right.

  • >