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28 Angry With Women? Useless & Stupid

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This isn't going to be one of my usual columns but I think it's important to put out there - I'm getting really tired of all the anger towards women that I see as if women owe guys anything just because they find them attractive. I get no guy likes to be rejected and it aggravates you when you see a girl you really like with a guy you can't stand or are envious of.

However, if you walk around bitter or resentful or angry because you're alone then all you hurt is yourself (and NEVER think of hurting women - or anyone else for that matter). If you're ever going to have a long-term relationship with a lady, as I teach in my dating relationship education course named THE SYSTEM then you have to start with you - be the best you can be and accept who you are - don't try to be a 3rd rate version of the guy you saw with the pretty blonde - be the guy you are and understand you're unique.

I know, I know - it all sounds like mumbo jumbo when you're wandering around dateless at the bar and you imagine all the happiness the couples you see have but don't you realize you're RUINING a precious day in your existence by harboring any negative feelings? We really have a great hobby in rich countries like the U.S. and that's feeling sorry for ourselves. You think about all the stuff you don't have instead of counting your blessings for what you do have (and I'm sure if you sat down to think about it, you can come up with things to be thankful for).


Yes, I know that's a question you've probably asked yourself many times but I'm here to tell you to GET THAT NONSENSE OUT OF YOUR HEAD.

There are women that like you but you have to learn not to blow it with them - and my SYSTEM will teach you to do just that and make you a BETTER man in the process.

By the way - it's the REAL DEAL - I'm not an internet fake that tells you that you can have any woman you want - THERE IS NO MAN ALIVE that can have every woman he wants.

However, I bet you have way more chances than you think you do but you've got to get all the nonsense out of your head first - and I can coach you to do just that!


The minute you make the assumption that your happiness depends on finding and keeping Ms. Right is the exact minute you're heading down a slippery slope of stinking thinking because there is NO ONE in the world that can make you happy except you and I think that's the source of many outbursts of negative emotions towards women - guys have it in their mind they need the girl they're attracted to be happy - and if they don't get her then they can't be - no wonder the poor girl becomes the object of so much bitterness - when you tie your life up that far in the decisions of another human being then it's predictable what will happen.

Why do you think I tell you not to take women personally and that dating is like sales where you'll go through a lot of rejection for that one sweet sale? I say that because if you invest too much emotional capital in meeting and keeping this girl then you've set up "if" conditions to be happy. "If" I get her, I can be happy. "If I retire, I can be happy." "If, if, if, if, if" to infinity. If you're always looking for that future place to be happy all you will do is spin your wheels and look back and say "where did my life go?"

Let's say the best case scenario is you get the most wonderful and gorgeous woman you've ever seen and your life is now awesome in your eyes - a new set of worries emerges. What if she leaves you? What if she passes away ? Instead of being worried about getting her now you're worried about losing her.

Yes, please keep trying to meet and keep Ms. Right because it's worth it but DO NOT let the process embitter you and do not depend on her or ANYONE else to allow you to enjoy your life on a day by day basis - it is really the way you react to the own events in your life that will determine your level of contentment. Remember guys, being angry with women is the MOST MORONIC thing you can do in dating.

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Dating Single Women

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