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DWP 001: What Is The Dating Women Podcast About, How To Dress For Dating Success & More

Dating Women Podcast 300x300Intro:  What can you expect from the Dating Women Podcast weekly?

The Hollywood Collection: “Cary Grant – The Leading Man on YouTube.”  Search that on YouTube for the king of style. Even though he was in his first movie over 80 years ago, that character is still the cool ideal that guys should emulate for success in dating

Cautionary Tale:  He started out with the wrong woman – and now he's in a nightmare situation with a lady that does not have his back.

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Early On In Dating -Not Sure What To Do:  She's very affectionate after 4 and a half months and says she loves him all the time.  Does he have to say I love you back?  NO!  He's also worried that she might stalk him at some point.  Is he head tripping himself?  YES!  Be positive about the future.

Tip To Dress Better:  Search “Real Men Real Style” on YouTube for tips on how to dress better

Don't ever say this phrase:  “No Problem” when someone thanks you.  Why?  “No” and “Problem” are two negatives.

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