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10 Dating Women Advice: Did Tamsin Egerton Return Josh Hartnett’s Phone Calls?


If you make a WEAK play for a girl then expect a WEAK result.

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Hey Doc,

I’ve had a crush on Dalanie, who is in one of my college classes, for many months now. We’ve been swapping eye contact for a long time. She is what your book would refer to as a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. When I asked Dalanie her phone number so that we could text each other on our brand new Apple phones, she immediately gave it to me. After this short exchange, she sent me a text message not even two minutes later with her name and other contact information.

Okay, now here’s the juicy part. One of my close friends, who happened to be a witness in the background to this exchange between Dalanie and me, told me what I already suspected. “She seems very interested in you, man, and her body language and the fact that she was nervous and blushing are all good signs,” he said.

So with this information in mind, I did what “The System” said and waited five days to call Dalanie, with the intent of setting up a date to go to the local bowling alley on a weekday, Wednesday.

Unfortunately, Dalanie didn’t answer the phone and she hasn’t called back yet either. This leaves me completely baffled, considering that her Interest Level seemed very high when we ran into each other after class. Despite my failed effort at getting in touch with her, I still followed your book’s recommendation and DID NOT leave a voicemail or send Dalanie a text message after she did not return my phone call.

So, Doc, what do you think happened here? Did Dalanie not return my call because she’s a Beautiful Woman and can do without someone like me? Did my friend overestimate her Interest Level? What should I do now, if anything? I’d be interested in hearing any thoughts and advice you might have.

Sebastian - who is scratching his head


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Hi Sebastian,

Now let me get this straight. You’ve had a crush on Dalanie for a long time. Why in the world didn’t you come right out and ask for her phone number? To you Psych majors, when you have a crush on a girl, you’re supposed to ask for her phone number. Like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L.A. says, “What are you waiting for – some other guy to ask her out?” You say you’re getting eye contact from Dalanie and she’s sitting right in front of you in your college class, so why would you be procrastinating? All you’re doing here is killing valuable time, dude!

You obviously have my book, Sebastian, but if you’ve read it thoroughly and memorized it, you should know that when a girl shows interest in you, you go right ahead and ask for her phone number. Go back to “The System,” guy -- I say it no less than 50 times in those pages!

Another mistake was taking Dalanie’s number just to text back and forth over nothing. Remember, you’re getting her number to... 

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The Dating Women Radio Show is ON THE AIR WEDNESDAYS at 5:00 p.m. PT/ 8:00 p.m. ET - you can listen live at each week.

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