February, 2023 | Doc Love - Dating Advice For Men - Part 3

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Dating Women Radio Show Friday Freebie: 2/24/2023

Weeks for us start on a Sunday so for the week of Sunday, 2/19/2023, what did we produce for you - and what's coming up?  

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ARTICLE (Latest release, 2/23/2023)
*She's got an older "friend"  UH OH SAYS DOC - find out why! GET THE ARTICLE HERE

VIDEO (Latest release, 2/19/2023 - next release, 3/5/2023 - see below)
*How to stop obsessing over someone you want...GET THE VIDEO HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET

NOTE:  Next video release is  3/5/2023 and the subject is do women prefer a lean or muscular body?