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The Friday Freebie: 5/21/2021

Welcome in!  You got here from one of the social media channels in the Doc Love World so thanks for being here!  Below is all the content we produced FREE for you the week of 5/17/2021- it's a convenient place to find everything you missed.  By the way, if you want more FREE content then take Doc's 7-day dating course here and download a FREE sample week in the Doc Love Club here - email with questions too!

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    The 2 great  podcast episodes we're featuring this week (Don't let setbacks define you - in dating or in life + why THE SYSTEM says you should never overrate her beauty or you'll never be able to talk to her - and it's so important to be able to talk to her instead of sitting there stunned by her beauty). Listen to  both and become sharper with women by clicking the above link!
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    Want to know what The Doc Love Show sounds like?  Each week you get a FREE excerpt - what can a historical figure teach you about dating and relationships? PLENTY! Find out how when you get your FREE excerpt from the 5/19/2021 show HERE.
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    If you want a FREE 7-day dating course that includes HOW TO APPROACH (and more), plus more FREE audio including FREE chapters from THE SYSTEM then sign up now!

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