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You Changed My Life: A Success Story From A Lifetime SYSTEM Student

Finally, I get to share my story because I’ve spent years studying THE SYSTEM (I’ve even made flash cards and taught my friends how it’s done) and now I have my own success story to share - this stuff works - I am living proof.

Our story begins at a Starbucks in Texas in March of 2019 when I met Kimberly (22 years young at the time) when I was 26 years young.

Since she told me about the church she went to, I decided not to get her phone number - my plan was to show up in person next week at her church.

After the 1st date, I did not get her contact information, nor did I touch her or ask for a 2nd date & it all worked great because since our 1st date she’s been crazy about me. Now after 4 months of marriage we find ourselves in Clearwater, FL  

By the way, I keep her interest high by following the “MAINTENANCE PLAN” outlined in THE SYSTEM - it never fails me.

It’s about time that we have a conversation on the radio show (editors note, this was featured on the February, 2021 radio show in the Doc Love Club - join here and listen here).


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