January, 2021 | Doc Love - Dating Advice For Men - Part 17

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DWP 270: Don’t Feel Bad If YOU Don’t Like HER Physically

If YOU don't like HER do not feel guilty - she has to pass your PHYSICAL ATTRACTION TEST just as you have to pass hers! You see, Doc's SYSTEM is more than just PHYSICAL ATTRACTION but if you don't have at least a small spark you can't proceed. Don't forget to join the Doc Love Club here and when you do you'll get connected to this week that features about an hour of audio and a special article where Doc coaches a guy who wonders if can actually make it work with a woman that's over a decade younger (he's in his 50s, she's in her 40s Plus there are hundreds of hours of audio and hundreds of articles in the Doc Love Club and it grows weekly! Also, don't forget to right click and download this week's podcast here and  get your free 7-day dating course here

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