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The Friday Freebie: 11/27/2020

Welcome in!  You got here from one of the social media channels in the Doc Love World so thanks for being here!  Below is all the content I produced FREE for you the week of 11/23/2020 - it's a convenient place to find everything you missed.  By the way, if you want more FREE content then take Doc's 7-day dating course here and download a FREE sample week in the Doc Love Club here - email me with questions too!


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    The 2 great  podcast episodes I'm featuring this week (Can you talk yourself out of a date with her? YES! Plus, NEVER WASTE MONEY on RIP OFF ARTISTS that say you can have any woman you want)
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    Want to know what The Doc Love Show sounds like?  Each week you get a FREE excerpt - this week Doc talks about the characteristics of the right woman plus the power of the word NO- this is from the 11/25/2020 show - get your segment here
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    If you want a FREE 7-day dating course that includes HOW TO APPROACH (and more), plus more FREE audio including FREE chapters from THE SYSTEM then sign up now!

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