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A You Changed My Life Letter From Denmark!

Hi Jeff

I discovered doc love back in 2005, when I was very unhappy, very depressed about life. I did not understand the world, I did not understand myself, I did not understand what I needed to do to be happy, and most of all I was sorry I could not find love.

Of course, I was brainwashed into believing what love was. I had no clue about how to approach women, talk to women or earning love at all. I had no clue about objectivity!

I was poor, but I thought “what the heck” – and bought the book and CDs for 99$. Then I discovered the radio show afterwards, and could not get enough. – For the first time in my life, I heard a person who actually made sense out of this world! – I heard the voice of reason. I heard a stranger who understood how I felt, and who came out with these ideas I never heard of in my entire life. I knew I found something very special here. The ideas were so plain simple and logical that I just knew it was the truth.

I found myself listening a couple of hours a day to the CDs and the show – listening repeatedly – was impatient for a new show to be produced as there was not many back in 2005. – I read all the articles. – I probably studied for about 3 hours a day at least.

As you know, I have written many you-changed-my-life-letters and mostly a lot of Observation-letters! – Doc started to call me “the smartest guy in Scandinavia” – I was full of joy for being able to induct things from reality into a letter to doc love and his acknowledgement of it. – I have bought THE SYSTEM 3 times over the years, as the pages were falling out from reading it so much. – I have Mastery 1-6 and I found a lot of energy in studying his materials.

The thing is, I discovered doc love at 26 years of age and never had a girlfriend – I studied his materials for 14 years – I am now 40 – and today for the first time in my entire life, I have a sweet, flexible girlfriend of 8 months! – It was because of my years of studying and gaining my self-esteem and understanding of this world, that I has been able to pull myself up and actually deserve true love.

I am so grateful and lucky for discovering doc love, and for studying this material as a lone wolf. Nevertheless, I KNEW it was the truth as it was so logical it could not be otherwise.

I will keep supporting the show, as I find it very important to spread these ideas all around the globe.

Jesper, Denmark

If you ever have any doubts as to the incredible impact THE SYSTEM can make on your life then read the letter to the left and of course you can read more letters here!

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