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Doc Love Club Excerpts – What This Is All About

With the passing of Doc Love we are continuing on with his legacy including keeping the Doc Love Club going.  He loved his radio show more than anything in the world and we have a ton of long forgotten material that from this week on we will be pushing to the Doc Love Club and each week, beginning this Thursday 8/27/20 and going every Thursday thereafter, you will get special audio excerpts from the Doc Love Club from that week's show and from time to time a bonus like you will be getting this week We hope that one day you will join as a Doc Love Club Member because there is so much to the Club – Doc poured his heart and soul into it and would always say DOC LOVE CLUB MEMBERS, WE LOVE YA.

On the club weekly you get a fresh show and article plus articles that go back to 2014 and shows that go back to 2011 – HUNDREDS of hours of audio and HUNDREDS of articles.

Okay, we have a real treat for you in this preview – again, this will normally be an excerpt of a show but this week we go back in the archives to 7/31/2019 and give you a FULL show from the Doc Love Club – over an hour of audio – we hope you enjoy it and consider joining the Club because there are hundreds more hours of audio where this came from if you join the Club (plus it grows weekly!)


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