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Dating Women Advice: Does R. Kelly Ever Worry About Getting The Runaround?


​This guy made SO MANY mistakes that things deteriorated to the point where she actually bet him $500 that he couldn't sleep with her. Yeah, it got that stupid. How did things tumble to that low of a level? You'll find out...

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Hey Doc,

First let me say that I love your columns! You always give nothing but straight answers and tell it like it is. I often read and laugh at others’ predicaments, thinking how stupid people can be, but now I have a predicament of my own.

I’ve been flirting with Brenda, who I work with, quite a bit lately. I have got a reputation as a player, and at first Brenda did all the chasing. Frankly, I thought she would be another easy conquest. After spending an hour a day talking to her on the phone for a couple of weeks – unusual for me since I rarely spend more than five minutes talking to a girl -- I asked her out. She replied, “Why don’t you take Jeannie?” I’ve gone out with Jeannie from the office in the past and I flirt with her in order to make Brenda jealous.

I didn’t respond to Brenda. I ignored a couple of her text messages. She called me, and on Facebook accused me of being ignorant. I continued to ignore her. Then I messaged her that I was no longer interested in her (this was foolish, I know). We then exchanged various insults and grievances. I thought I would let it all fade out, but then Brenda got into a bad traffic accident. I phoned her to see if she was okay, because I was genuinely concerned about her. One thing led to another, and she bet me $500 I couldn’t get her into bed by the end of the month. I told her that I would take her out on the weekend, and she said she was undecided because she didn’t want to end up like my other conquests. When I called her again and tried to get a commitment from her, she refused.

I now actually like Brenda more than anyone I have liked for a long time. I can actually see a future with her. How do I play this? I’m not sure if Brenda is genuine or if she’s trying to give me the runaround. For the first time in my life, I’m asking for coaching, so she must be damn special!

Salvatore - who is being beaten at his own game


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Hi Salvatore,

Yes, it is amazing that people get into messy predicaments with women. But the key to not getting sucked into these predicaments is reading and memorizing “The System.” When you have my materials, you are able to see into the future, to anticipate what’s going to happen, so that you don’t get involved with certain people in unfavorable circumstances.

Now, why do you have a reputation as a player? You shouldn’t have any reputation at all, Salvatore. People in the office should know nothing about you. The only thing anyone should know is that you make the women at work laugh – that’s all.

Now wait a minute here. You’re spending an hour a day on the phone with Brenda? I see you know nothing whatsoever about “The System,” guy! You don’t know anything at all about women, and as a result you’re making telephone blunders with this babe. You don’t talk to a woman you’re interested in on the phone. The phone is strictly for getting the date, and that’s it. Then you disappear and don’t have any contact or communication with her.

And how does Brenda know anything about your relationship with Jeannie? She shouldn’t have known that you went out with Jeannie. When you date one girl in the office, all of the others are going to hear about it. I can see you don’t know how to keep your mouth shut!

Why are you telling Brenda that you’re no longer interested in her? You should be getting along with the women in your company because you’re working with them. If you get a strict supervisor in your department, he or she will come down on you for harassment. You’re messing with two different women at work, dude. You have to be careful -- it’s your job at stake here.

And you don’t insult a woman, especially one you work with. What’s really happened is that Brenda has gotten to you, and you’re out of control -- that’s your problem. You’re not exhibiting any Self-Control, and you’re getting in deeper with her. Salvatore, you have to see Brenda every day – didn’t you think of that? That’s the really bad part. You don’t know how to keep your mouth shut like I said earlier!

Why did you phone Brenda after her accident? You should have just stayed away from her. You were just screaming and yelling at her and now you’re concerned about her? Aren’t you being a little inconsistent here? And when she bet you that you couldn’t get her into bed, it proves that she’s just as dumb as you are! Then the two of you bet on it. Like my Uncle Jethro Love says, “You and this girl sound like a pair of dopey teenagers.”

After all this melodrama, Brenda was undecided about going out with you. Like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L.A. says, “Well, she sure put you down!” My friend, the only reason you like this woman is because she turned you down for a date. It’s an ego thing. If she went out with you, you’d probably date her once and never see her again. You’re fickle, buddy. When a woman turns you down, suddenly you’re in love with her. But you were just arguing with her. You were insulting each other. Then all of a sudden you did a one-eighty. Come on, man, you have to get my book! You don’t know what’s going on with women at all. They might think you’re a player at work, but you don’t how to play long term.

How can you see a future with Brenda? You’ve never even been out with her! How should you play it? GET MY BOOK ASAP! Again, you know nothing at all about females. You must be a good-looking guy to get all of these women interested in you, but your personality doesn’t know how to keep them.

Brenda’s not giving you the runaround. You and she were bickering and squabbling. That’s a turnoff to her. Then you and she talked about getting into bed on top of a car accident. And you think other guys are stupid?

Remember, guys: if you’re going to be a player at work, you have to be extremely, extremely careful.

Hi Garry,


As soon as you began having trouble with your wife, you didn’t have “The System” overnighted to you (or buy my immediate downloads - ELECTRONIC SYSTEM or SYSTEM AUDIO). Why not? Do you realize the terrible anguish you could have saved yourself? All that time Donatella’s interest was going from 82%, etc. And as most American men do, you noticed it finally when it hit 60% or 57% or somewhere in that area. “The System” says that this woman probably once loved you. You’ve been with her for 15 years, and she probably loved you for eight to 10 years of that time. After that, because you took her for granted, her Interest Level began to drop.


And let me explain something to you. Interest Level doesn’t drop from 100% to 49% in an hour, or overnight, even though that’s the man’s perception of what’s going on. No, like my cousin Rabbi Love says, “It takes time and negligence to erode.” That’s why if you’d have memorized my materials, when it went from 91% to 89% you would have known to start getting into my MAINTENANCE PROGRAM, which will secure the woman wanting to stay with you forever. But like most men in America, you knew how to get her, but you didn’t know how to keep her. That’s why a majority of women recently reported in a national survey that they wouldn’t marry the same guy again. But since you didn’t have my book, what’s happened to you now is predictable.


You might have thought this situation was going to improve on its own, Garry, but when Interest Level goes 60%...58%..56%...54%, it’s like an airplane going down. It won’t pull up by itself. Like my cousin General Love says, “It just crashes and burns.” And that’s what happened with your wife. You murdered her Interest Level through your deportment.


So when your relationship with Donatella took another dive, why didn’t you Google a love doctor for some advice? The question to ask was, why is this woman so turned off when for eight or 10 years she idolized me? Dude, a good salary and taking care of your family financially doesn’t equate to romance to a female.


Your wife had been showing you for a long time that you were miles apart. Did she really have to verbalize it and tell you she no longer loved you? You’ve been with her for a long time, and when she finally said it after a deterioration of five or six years, it was only then that you sat up and took notice? Are you blind? And to you Psych majors, when she tells you that she no longer loves you, you are OUT.


Now let me explain something else to you. When Interest Level consistently drops, it’s NEVER temporary. It’s only temporary until she leaves. Then it’s final,


Now you’re in a fatal depression, pal. If you’d been studying my book all along, it would have made the pain more bearable. So the first thing you have to do now is have “The System” OVERNIGHTED to you and MEMORIZE it (or get an immediate download - SYSTEM AUDIO or ELECTRONIC SYSTEM). Because when it comes to women, you are absolutely clueless, even after you’ve lived with this woman for so long. Garry, I know more about your wife than you do and I’ve never even met the woman. And that’s very sad.


Then, like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L.A. says, “You have to suck it up.” When Donatella calls, be polite, don’t talk about your relationship, ask her how much money she needs, send her a check and ask her if there’s anything more you can do for her. Maybe, with time, she’ll meet you for coffee, then maybe a dinner date, then maybe you’ll move into getting her back into the house. Try to talk to your kids as much as possible. You’ll have to apologize for blowing up and making a fool of yourself because when you did that, it only reinforced your wife’s low Interest Level. Because what she said to herself was that she didn’t realize that her husband was so lacking in Self-Control!


But no matter what, you still need my book. You need to find out where you went wrong with your wife. Like I said earlier, you’re clueless.


Whether or not Donatella has found someone else is beyond your control. So don’t make the problem even worse than it is. Get “The System,” study it like heck, and we’ll do our best to get her back.


Donatella didn’t throw away anything over nothing. You stopped romancing your wife and took her for granted. You never told her she was Beautiful. You didn’t treat her like a woman. If you did, she would still be all over you.


Remember, guys: to keep your wife in love with you, you have to date her.

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