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Dating Women Advice: Does Chris Pine Ever Have Trouble Getting A Girl To Meet Him?


If you're trying to meet a woman for the first time I don't think accusing her of being a liar is really the best approach - however for the guy below he thought it was a good idea since he wasn't thinking!  Check out the article below and...

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Hey Doc,

I live in India, and three months ago I met Kari on the Internet. She lives in Indonesia and we became Facebook friends. I am very attracted to her and want to date her. After a few cancelled plans, it turned out that she was coming to India for her job for several days.

A week before Kari was scheduled to arrive, I messaged her and asked if she would be coming to my house, but she told me her boss canceled the trip. I replied in a playful, polite manner that maybe she was really coming but wanted to avoid meeting me. A few hours later I got a message from her that her boss changed plans again, and that he’d now decided to send her to India for real.

I got upset and accused Kari of lying to me because maybe she didn’t want to really meet up with me. She then got a bit upset with the way I reacted. However, I managed to cool things off and got her to think that there was a communication gap between us since her English language proficiency isn’t that great. She went back to being chatty again and telling me her schedule, etc.

When Kari arrived at her hotel she messaged me and told me all about her trip. I gave her my number and told her to contact me when she was free so that we could schedule where and when to meet. So far, nothing. I’m acting cool and not pressing her for when she will be free because I understand that I will sound needy and destroy any attraction she already has for me if I do.

Doc, any tips as to how to take this further? If Kari does not meet me while she is here in India and goes back to Indonesia a week later, should I still keep her on my Facebook friend list or delete her and forget about her completely?

Deepak - who is desperate to meet her

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Hi Deepak,

First of all, why are you becoming friends with a female who lives so far away from you? It’s obvious you don’t have “The System” because you would know that LONG-DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS DON’T WORK. You should be hustling phone numbers from girls in India who live within 30 to 35 miles or less of you. That’s what you’re supposed to do. To you Psych majors, trying to get some type of relationship going with a girl from another country is a BIG, FAT WASTE OF TIME. Not to mention that you’re in a fantasy world with this girl since you’ve never even seen her in person.

And why are you asking Kari to come to your house before you’ve even met her? Deepak, you don’t do that.

You meet her at a public place first. Then you accused her of not wanting to really meet you. Why are you putting her down? Why are you attacking someone you’ve never even met? Why are you calling her a liar?

That’s not how ...

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