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Dating Women Advice: Would Hugh Jackman Dump His Wife Of 21 Years For Another Woman?


He actually thinks he can dump HIS girlfriend for ANOTHER MAN'S girlfriend.  My man is CLUELESS...  Check out the article below and...

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Dating Women Podcast #77 & 78

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*77:  Did his INSENSITIVITY to a death in her family drive her away?

*78:  Remember when dating women you get ONE CHANCE to set things up right



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Hey Doc,

I’ve been reading your columns for years and most importantly I’ve read “The System” and I can vouch 100% that the principles you teach work every time.

I used to be just a player. But I finally found a Flexible Giver with the help of your book, have been with her for six years, but now an itch has kicked in. I realized she isn’t the one for me, we have different life goals and I learned that she doesn’t learn from her mistakes. Another girl has quite suddenly snuck onto my radar. Cat is currently with her boyfriend of five years. She confessed to my girlfriend that her boyfriend has cheated on her and she is no longer interested in him. All of us spend our weekends together on group dates to the beach or hiking.

Recently Cat has been way more friendly to me than usual. She has been extra touchy-feely. Two weeks ago we were playing footsies underneath the table while we all played poker, which caught me by surprise. That has caused me to think about her more. My instinct is to stay away because she is currently unavailable. But I will end my current relationship not for her, but more to make myself available to others since I’m no longer in love.

What I want to know is whether I should meet with Cat and ask her about the night we played footsies. I’m aware that false hope could be brewing, but she always laughs at my corny jokes, blushes when I’m around and wears revealing dresses and makes sure to show off her goods to me.

I haven’t had time alone with Cat to ask her if she’s interested in me or if she’s just flirting. Should I state my intentions to her? I would take things slow with her to make sure there was enough time for her to be over her ex. Then again, it’s a big “if” that she’ll actually break up with him.

Philip - who wants to do it right

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Hi Philip,

Now let me get this straight. You’ve been with your girlfriend for six years and you still haven’t married her? In “The System” I teach that you go with a girl for two years, then you marry her. It sounds to me like you were never really into your girlfriend. Were you with her just because she liked you? You say that she has different goals and doesn’t learn from her mistakes, but I think you’re just looking for a reason to rationalize your low Interest Level in her.

Now think about this: you’ve wasted six years of your life. If you really went by “The System,” you would have dropped this girl after three or four months, not six years. Are you insecure, Philip? Are you afraid to be alone? Is that the problem here?

Cat might have confided to your girlfriend that her boyfriend cheated on her, but she conveniently left out that she didn’t dump him. Did you happen to notice that? You should. Because it’s very important.

You have two separate issues here. If you don’t like your girlfriend, you should get rid of her. If you want to date other girls, fine. But Cat has a boyfriend of five years. Women can complain and complain and complain about what louses their boyfriends are, but the majority of them never leave these louses. So you’re going to have a very tricky situation here if you talk to Cat about the way you feel since she still has a boyfriend.

So you can’t meet with Cat and talk about the night you played footsies. It’s too heavy of a subject, dude. Are you going to ask her about her feelings? Are you going to ask her to dump her boyfriend? And if she says, “Well, you have a girlfriend and we all go out every weekend,” then what?

Philip, you have a big mess on your hands here. The odds of you successfully dumping your girlfriend and Cat getting rid of her boyfriend and the two of you ending up together are one in a thousand. Like my cousin General Love says, “There are too many variables involved, soldier.”

Cat might display all kinds of flirtatious signals to you, but she NEVER says “I’m dumping my boyfriend” – for you or anyone else. And that’s the key, pal. And she’s not going to say it because she’s friends with your girlfriend. They talk all the time and they’re buddies. What gives you the idea that she’s going to betray her girlfriend?

But you still want to ask Cat if she’s interested in you. Philip, The System” says you NEVER ask a girl what her Interest Level is. Are you sure you have the right book?

No way you can state your intentions to Cat. Again, it’s way too heavy. She has to drop her boyfriend, you’ve got drop your girlfriend, then you’ve got to like each other enough to get together. But maybe she would run off with a third guy, have you thought of that? Like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L.A. says, “You don’t know how many other dudes she’s flirting with.”

But you’re already planning to take enough time for Cat to be over her ex. Philip, you’re in la-la land here. Like my Uncle Jethro Love says, “Man, you gotta lay off the funny cigarettes without writing on them!”

Of course it’s a big “if” that Cat will drop this guy. You’ve got too many things going on here, Philip. Think about it. What are you going to do on your weekend outings now? Do you think you’re really going to be there with your ex-girlfriend while you’re flirting with her friend who has a boyfriend? You’re about to open a big can of worms here, my friend. You need to memorize my book before you do anything even dumber.

Remember, guys: before you move on to the new girl, you have to get rid of the one you have.


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