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Dating Women Advice: Would Jamie Foxx Ever Fall For A Stripper?


He not only fell for a stripper but he chased her around with NO INTEREST coming back from her - sad situation - read the article below and...

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Hey Doc,

I met Desire one night at a strip club. She is definitely the hottest girl I’ve ever been with, and I think that’s the problem. I ended up taking her home that night. The next week when I went to coffee with her, I didn’t feel much interest coming from her, though she was excited when I initially called her.

Then she moved to a different city and I spent a year hitchhiking and bicycling across the country. When she moved back to our city, she was still “kinda involved” with an ex-boyfriend so I didn’t try to spend too much time with her. She asked me once if she should break up with him and I said that’s between you and him.

Then I left town again. Before I did, I left a letter on her doorstep telling her a few things I probably shouldn’t have. With it, I left a necklace. I sent her postcards from different cities across Canada as well as a wooden tobacco pipe that she’d always wanted. Six months later I came back and Desire stood me up twice when I tried to get together with her.

I started dating another girl, and it lasted 11 months. Two weeks ago I broke up with her, then returned to the bar where I met Desire. She was still there, working, and we hung out and danced for a couple of hours. Now here’s where things got interesting. Desire told me that she tried to find me when I left town but couldn’t. I know that she knows where some of my family lives so that is BS. I told her that I didn’t believe her and that she could have found me if she really wanted to. But she plucked my heartstrings when she said, “I wanted you to take me with you when you left.” By now she was crying and I kissed her. Then she revealed to me that she has a boyfriend. Ugh. Long story short, we ended up going to my house for the night (no sex).

Doc, what is it with this chick? I know she wants me to call her, but I figured I should wait a week, then lay down a line like “Hey, I know you feel like crap because you’ve been giving me the runaround, so I’m going to give you a chance to make it up to me.” Maybe you have a better idea of what I should do about her? I’m really hung up on Desire.

Tran - who should have stayed on the road

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BlakeAustin, TX

I may have been able to find her, but I never would have been able to KEEP her without you, Jeff, and the "System."


Hi Tran,

What happened here is that you happened to get lucky with a Beautiful Woman one night. And that was the beginning and the end of it. This thing was never meant to go long-term.

Then you went on a trek across the country, so you spent a full year apart from Desire. The point is that your relationship with her, if you could call it that, didn’t continue. You didn’t even have a second or third date with her. To you Psych majors, you have to continuity in a dating situation, and you broke that with Desire when you left town. But at least you told her that breaking up with a boyfriend was their business, which was a smart thing. It shows that you have at least a little bit of brains!

That said, why did you leave letters for this babe? You had all of one lucky date with her and you’re already writing her love letters? You have great illusions of grandeur with Desire, pal, and she’s really been around the block, not to mention that there was no basis in reality for any of your fantasies. And remember, like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L.A. says, “This girl gets off being sexy to strangers for money, which is her job.”

But you didn’t quit there. No, you went and gave her gifts. It’s very obvious that you don’t have “The System,” Tran. But you still didn’t stop. You kept sending her postcards and a pipe. Like my Uncle Jethro Love says, “What was that for, her pot?”

Then you came back to town and Desire broke two dates with you. “The System” says one broken date and you’re out. And still, after all this time, you never got even a second date in with Desire! Think about it, man. You went all over the country on a bicycle, and when you came back to town, nothing happened! Your Interest Level is 100% and this girl could care less about you. So you don’t get it, dude. You don’t have “The System,” that’s your problem. And if you do, you’re certainly not going by it.

Then you tried to get back with Desire and you called her a liar to her face. Was that supposed to win her over? You’re a sharp guy, Tran! Instead of getting rid of her then and there, she stroked your ego with a few words and you fell right in line and forgot about her past history. My friend, you need to get my book ASAP!

Then you kissed Desire and she told you she had a boyfriend. Wow, this girl is really loyal! Of course you had no sex with her when she came to your house for the night. Like my cousin Rabbi Love says, “She just needed a free hotel room and you were it.”

What is it with this chick? Simple! You’re going out with a stripper who has low Interest Level! You got lucky one night – end of story. Sadly for you, you’ve been carrying a torch for Desire, sending her letters and gifts, but you’re nobody and nothing to her. Like my cousin General Love says, “You’re not even on the radar in her love life.”

But you think making her feel guilty by laying down a line is going to make her want to go out with you. Tran, Desire gives crap to guys all day and night long and she gets away with it! Beautiful Women give out crap all the time and guys love it.

What should you do about this situation? Get my book and forget about exotic dancers! You got a lot to learn, buddy.

Remember, guys: when a man’s Interest Level is in the 90s, he can’t see straight.


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