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Dating Women Advice: Would Russell Wilson Be Upset If Ciara Cheated On Him?


It took him SIX YEARS to find out she was NO GOOD - read the article below and...

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Hey Doc,

I have been in a relationship with Delilah for six years now after divorcing my wife, who I was married to for more than 20 years.

Delilah has been unfaithful to me in the past, and recently had a “thing” with the son of a girlfriend of hers. She continues to go to this girlfriend’s home, which is where the son she was unfaithful with lives (he is an unemployed failure who stays home, plays games on his stepdad’s laptop and smokes pot all day -- no exaggeration). I have stressed my objection to Delilah going there as I don’t like that she is around her girlfriend’s son. I feel that it is out of line on her part, not to mention that it seems she could care less how the situation makes me feel. But I feel bad that I am asking her to not visit her girlfriend on her own. Complicating the situation is that I am also sort of friends with Delilah’s boyfriend – her girlfriend’s son -- and have told her that I want to accompany her to her girlfriend’s house for the time being, until I feel comfortable with the situation.

Doc, I know this is a mess, but here are my questions: am I out of line in telling Delilah that if she wishes to “visit” the man she was unfaithful with that she pack her things and get out? Is it wrong of me to be uncomfortable with her going to visit her girlfriend?

I really need some input on this, as I truly see this relationship ending if I am unable to come to some sort of compromise with Delilah. She says she is more than willing to abide by your verdict in this standoff.

Finn - who is lost

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Hi Finn,

Wow. Now think about what you’re telling me here. Delilah, who supposedly loves you, sleeps with the son of her girlfriend. To you Psych majors, the most important factor in a relationship is LOYALTY, and as soon as Delilah went to bed with her girlfriend’s son, your relationship with her was OVER because she doesn’t have a shred of Loyalty. What you don’t seem to realize, my friend, is that this woman has no respect for you at all, she has no fear that you’ll drop her, and she knows that she can get away with anything. She thinks you’re a fool – and sadly, she’s right.

And you mean to tell me that after being with Delilah for six long years you finally found out all of this ugly stuff about her? Weren’t there a whole field of RED FLAGS before this mess began? You say that Delilah was unfaithful to you in the past – and you put up with it? Why? What does that say about you, Finn?

It doesn’t matter that Delilah’s girlfriend’s son is a bum. We know he’s a bum, so it’s a non-issue. And it doesn’t matter if he’s a multi-millionaire and works 80 hours a week. The point is this: Delilah took all of her clothes off with another man. That’s the only thing that counts here. And it tells you once and for all everything you need to know about her.

I know you’re concerned that Delilah’s going to be around her girlfriend’s son, but that’s not relevant anymore. You should be dropping this woman. Like my cousin General Love says, “You’re not coming down hard enough on her.” Or, as an alternative, you should at least tell her, “I don’t want to see you for three months, until you decide you want to see me – ONLY.” But you’re not putting up any resistance, Finn. Delilah’s going to continue visiting her girlfriend’s son because you’re not going to make any move to get rid of her.

You’re right about one thing -- Delilah doesn’t care how you feel. She doesn’t care at all about you, dude. So the woman who loves you doesn’t care about how you feel – does that bother you?


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You shouldn’t feel bad at all that you don’t want Delilah visiting her girlfriend on her own. But the fact that you even entertain the thought shows me that you’re a WIMP. And it’s obvious that you have no familiarity with “The System” whatsoever. What are you...

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