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Dating Women Advice: Would Clint Eastwood And Meryl Streep Be A Good Match?


She treats him great but he found out she's had a LOT of lovers before him - is this a dealbreaker or not?

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Hey Doc,

I am 28 and have been following your principles for a year now, which has massively improved my game. I met Meredith, 22 and a perfect “10” and asked her out. She made it clear that she was very attracted to me. I applied Challenge and it worked perfectly. I have successfully made this woman pursue me. She even told me that she thinks I am cute and that she finds men from my country attractive (I am English and she is American). I have had five dates with her and kissed her on the second date. When I did, she told me she’d been waiting for me to do it and what took me so long.

But here’s the problem, and it’s serious. I am fairly conservative, and when I snooped Meredith’s Facebook and Twitter accounts I discovered that she is a raving liberal Feminista. She is constantly ranting on feminist themes and seems obsessed with the subject. I have carefully avoided politics, but we are on opposite sides of the spectrum, and I find the feminism cult abhorrent and immoral. She has spent the past year bashing Trump and his supporters (I happen to be a Trump supporter) on social media. To make matters worse, from reviewing her Instagram account, I see that Meredith has had many, many lovers (as in double digit figures) and she sleeps around. She has openly talked about her sex life on social media for everyone to see. She doesn’t know I dug up this information, but since finding it out, I am very troubled. This is not classy behavior and I don't know if I should continue pursuing her when my gut is telling me to end it.

I find it surprising that Meredith is taken with me, as I am generally very assertive and dominant and women can sometimes be slightly intimidated by me since I work in a high powered finance job. With the exception of the data I dug up, Meredith has not shown any Red Flags and has been submissive and accepting of my advances. She has gone on every date out of the five I’ve asked her on.

Do you think I should give Meredith a fair chance and ignore her past? To be honest, I don’t know if I can ignore it. Do you think if a relationship develops, Meredith could grow out of her Feminista past?

Do you think I could I influence her to reform her ways?

Herbert - who’s never faced anything like it before

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Hi Herbert,

First if all, you have to remember that you have a 22-year-old girl on your hands here. And remember what I say in my book about girls 18 to 22 years old – they’re not grown up yet. You’re 28, so you should be dating someone who is 25 or older. So right here you have a problem, pal. Otherwise, everything you’ve been doing with Meredith has been perfect.

Now, Meredith might have all kinds of feminist propaganda in her head that you don’t like, but she doesn’t apply them to you, which is the most important thing. So when she brings up something you don’t agree with, just keep your trap shut and don’t get into it with her – that’s the foolproof way of heading off any arguments. When she tells you how much she digs Hillary Clinton, just say “Yup, she’s a great woman,” and move onto something else. To you Psych majors, if you know that something is going to lead to an argument, don’t get sucked into it. There are many couples who have different political viewpoints, but they don’t talk about it because neither one of them is going to bend and they know that if they do broach the subject an argument will ensue. In your case, Meredith doesn’t even know how you feel, which is even better! All you have to do is say yes to whatever she brings up, then just change the subject.

Now, why in the world would a girl who likes going to bed with the entire soccer team want to brag about it? You can put up with Meredith’s politics as long as she stops sleeping around since she’s with you. But why would she want to brag about being a slut? Is this her way of being a rebel or something? But again, what’s important is the way that she treats you.


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