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DWP 039: Special Doc Love Club Segments, Including Outlaw Dave & Advanced System Class- Online Dating Tips & The Online Hoop Jumper

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Please note – last week’s show (DWP 038) was the right audio but the notes were not correct – the podcast and notes match this week and we fixed last week’s podcast – sorry about the confusion.

Part One Of This Podcast Was Taken From Two Of Over 20 Interviews Doc Had On The Outlaw Dave Show On KPRC In Houston:  Learn more about Outlaw Dave, support his show and listen here.

Part Two of this Podcast Was Taken From The Doc Love Club:  In addition to the audio you’ll hear today we have over 150 hours of audio (and growing weekly) and over 100 articles (and growing weekly).  Get a FREE trial today at http://docloveclub.com/sign-up-for-instant-free-access/

PART #1…Online Dating Tips:  Want the basics of online dating?  Doc breaks it down for you with Outlaw Dave

FREE 7-Day Course!:  https://www.doclove.com/sign-up/

PART  #2…The Online Hoop Jumper:  Some women will make you think you have a real chance online but just take you on a wild goose chase that ends in frustration, no date and a TON of wasted time.

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