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Dating Women Advice: Is Jordana Brewster Responsive With Her Phone?


He exchanged #'s with her and it was a BIG MISTAKE - find out why below

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Hey Doc,

I met Alexis in one of my classes last semester. One day we ended up sitting next to each other and started talking. We talked more and more and the conversations kept getting better. It almost became a routine to keep talking and walking her to her car after class.

Eventually I asked for Alexis’s number and gave her mine too. We would text every now and then, usually something related to class and sometimes other things, but nothing too heavy or serious. One day I asked her if I could give her a call one weekend so we could meet up and finish an assignment together. I called and left a pretty simple message asking if she was available that day or the next day. She never got back to me. The next week I saw her in class and she came up to me and said sorry for not calling back and that she had a weird weekend. I didn’t think much of it since she was still really social with me and continued to sit next to me.

After the semester ended I tried calling her after a week or so and still didn’t hear anything from her. I had to figure that she wasn’t into me. A few weeks later she texted me happy birthday and asked how I was. It came up that she was taking a class that I’d already taken, so I told her that I had all my old tests and assignments and would give them to her to make the class easier for her. She said she was going to call soon.

It’s been several days since that text. At this point the ball is in her court and I probably should wait to hear from her. I know some girls lay low and wait for the guy to be the one to call or text first. But I can’t tell if Alexis is one of those girls.

I usually have a good sense of whether a girl is digging me or not. I got the feeling from Alexis that she was, but that she’s just not very responsive with her phone. She is two years older than me but I don’t think that’s too weird when you’re in college. At this point I really just want to know if I have a chance or not. Please let me know what you think.

Nick - who’s another confused man about girls

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Hi Nick,

What you were doing with all of this talking and walking Alexis to her car was getting too much time in as a fellow student and not any time in dating her. Once you had that first conversation with her, you should have asked for her phone number and never sat next to her again. So you made a massive mistake straight out of the gate.

Why did you give Alexis your number? You should have let her ask for it. Then all you did was text with her and not date her. First you’re talking and not dating. Now you’re texting and not dating. Like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L.A. says, “You’re headed straight for the friendship zone, bro.”

You don’t ask a girl for permission to call her. What are you doing, apologizing to Alexis? Are you chopped liver and not good enough for her? Are you afraid of rejection? More mistakes, Nick. It’s obvious that you don’t have “The System,” and therefore don’t know how to deal with a woman at any stage of a relationship.

Then Alexis didn’t get back to you after you called her. To you Psych majors, when she doesn’t get back to you, it means her Interest Level is ZERO. Her excuse was that she had a weird weekend and couldn’t get back to you. In other words, she had so much passion and feelings for you after all those great conversations you two theoretically had that she couldn’t respond to your message with 30 seconds on the phone? It’s not like you were asking her to put a roof on your house, dude! Sure, she continued to sit next to you – because you’re a fellow student, nothing more.

Let me explain something to you, Nick: WHEN THEY DON’T CALL BACK, IT MEANS THEY HAVE NO FEELINGS FOR YOU. But because your interest is through the roof, you’re rationalizing when she didn’t pick up the phone and hit seven digits to talk to you.

But you went ahead anyway and offered to help Alexis with her class by giving her all your tests and assignments. In other words, you’re kissing up to her. Unfortunately, you’re just reinforcing the friendship that you have as students.

But you say the ball is now in her court. Nick, there is no ball and there is no court! You’re practically begging her to take your tests and assignments and she’s still not interested in you!

My friend, you’ve always contacted Alexis first and it’s never worked. And let me explain something else to you: women don’t lay low. What they have is low Interest Level. And Alexis has low interest in you.

From what you’ve written, Nick, it’s obvious to me that you have no idea whatsoever what’s going on with women. What you want to do is blame the phone instead of yourself. What you don’t realize is that Alexis simply doesn’t dig you.

A two-year age difference isn’t weird, but Alexis wants an older guy. Nevertheless, the age gap is secondary. The real problem is that she never liked you as a boyfriend from the beginning, and you put too much time in with her as a friend and fellow student. She never looked at you in romantic terms, and you don’t get that.

What are your chances? If I were you, I would buy lottery tickets – you’d have better odds of winning.

Remember, guys: without “The System,” you don’t stand a chance.


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