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Dating Women Advice: Does Claire Danes Ever Tell Hugh Dancy That She Feels Worthless?


She said she didn't want him because she feels "worthless" and he bought it!  SMH...

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Hey Doc,

Paige is a bartender I’ve known for three years. She’s a 9 out of 10. She's 37 and I’m 39. Up until recently she was in and out of a relationship with her ex, who’s now in prison for four years. Anyway, I had her phone number for a long time. One day I texted her when I was shooting pool at a different bar, told her to come over, and she did. We started dancing and things heated up quickly. She suggested that we take a cab to her house, which we did.

When we got there, she led me upstairs and we got very romantic, if you catch my drift. I kissed her in the morning and had to report to work. The next day she reminded me that she had my hat. I ran over to the bar where she was working, picked it up, and asked her out on a date. She said yes.

The day of the date Paige told me that her six-year-old son had to come along with us, wherever we were going. We ended up at a place where we ate wings and drank soda and had a great time. I kissed her goodnight, told her that she was a good mother, and she said she really liked me because I’m so much fun.

However, the next day I texted her and got no reply. I texted her again the following day with something funny and she replied, “Look, Ricardo, I don’t feel like I'm worth much right now and I don’t have any confidence.” I immediately backed off. I stopped texting and calling her and ceased going to the bar where she works, which is kind of my hangout and for me is a real bummer.

After 10 days Paige finally texted me, but I didn’t answer for a couple of days. When I finally did, I gave her no explanation for why I hadn’t answered immediately. Doc, I have no idea what Paige’s Interest Level is and I don’t want to chase her. Do you think I should just keep doing what I’m doing and make an occasional appearance at my old hangout? Or do you think Paige just needs some time?

Ricardo - who is too old for this

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Hi Ricardo,

Wait a minute here. Paige dates guys who go to jail? Doesn’t this tell you something about her character? Doesn’t it tell you something about her selection process of men to date? Think about it, pal. And what happens if this ex of hers gets early parole and decides to come and visit you with a baseball bat that he takes to your car – or your head? Think about that, too.

It was a huge mistake to take a cab straight to Paige’s house after your first date. Right there you killed Challenge, Ricardo. I see you don’t have my book! When you go out on a date with a woman, you’re supposed to leave her hungry. But when you go back to her house, you leave her full, which is bad. So right then and there you were in trouble, even though you thought you were accomplishing the opposite by moving quickly.

Then you went and asked Paige on a date much too fast after the first date. You were supposed to wait for a week before asking her out again. You’re all over this babe, Ricardo. You hang out at your favorite bar so she sees you all the time, and now you’re asking her out every five minutes. Like my cousin General Love says, “You’re not just beating up Challenge – you’re annihilating it!” It’s very obvious that you have no concept of going in SLOWLY – like 90% of the men out there.

At least you didn’t fight Paige about her little son coming along with you on your date, even though she...

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