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Dating Women Advice: Did Tristan Thompson Get Nervous When Khole Kardashian Flirted With Him?


He's 38 and never had a girlfriend - can I help him?  YOU BET!

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Hey Doc,

I’m 38 years old and have never had a girlfriend. I met the girl of my dreams, Beth, at work a year and a half ago and had her literally chasing me. Due to inexperience, I crumbled and became a hesitating nervous wreck around her. By the time I did speak to her she had zero respect for me and couldn’t wait for her first chance to split from the interaction.

Afterwards I never felt so guilty or ashamed in my whole life. I totally blew my chances with a high quality woman who could have literally any guy she wanted, and she was chasing me. Now when I see her she acts as if I’m invisible and almost as if she’s afraid of me, or at least extremely uncomfortable.

I’ve been devastated for the past year, constantly stressing at how I can make things cool between us or at least say my piece. I break down and cry all the time. I feel as though I’ve been shunned by all women because of my nervous and awkward demeanor. I always thought of myself as a cool guy, but when the pressure built I crumbled like a pussy. I should add that I’ve always struggled with Self-Esteem. When Beth began to chase me, it took a lot of flirting by her for me to actually accept what was happening. I can’t believe how I acted and that I somehow sabotaged myself with what I believe to be my first chance at true love.

Whenever I hear guys at work talk about Beth now it’s like a dagger of shame every time. Also, I see Beth around the office from time to time and my heart pounds and I feel like I’m going to pass out from the anxiety. She won’t even look at me now. I think I repulse her and I feel like a piece of garbage. I wish I could fix this problem. Any advice, Doc?

Wilkie - who feels overwhelmed

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Hi Wilkie,

You say you’ve never had a girlfriend, but it’s obvious that you’ve read my columns because that’s why you’re writing me. Take heart -- you can be coached. You have to understand that I’ve trained all types of guys in all kinds of situations in all corners of the world – those who’ve never had girlfriends to men who’ve been married four or five times. I can bring any guy up to where he’s supposed to be with any woman IF he will accept my training. In other words you will get “The System” and study it, you will join the Doc Love Club and listen to my radio shows, then you will test yourself with my Mastery Series. After you do all of this, and you listen to what I say and you take dancing lessons and get some professional photos for the internet, I will change your entire life.

Wilkie, if you’re 38 and have never had a girlfriend, you have a long way to go, it’s true. But you are on the right road with me. I coach men from all over the world and different cultures, from the Sudan to Saudi Arabia, and my techniques work with ALL of them. But you’re in America, Wilkie, and you never even got my book and you’ve never studied it. So the problem is that when the girl of your dreams comes around, you won’t be able to take advantage of the opportunity and you won’t be able to do anything right because you have no past experience with women. I’m sorry for that and I know it happens. But what’s disturbing here is that you had the opportunity to get “The System” and you didn’t do it.

I understand your inhibitions with Beth on account of your lack of experience with women, but you should have...

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