July, 2016 | Doc Love - Dating Advice For Men - Part 9

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DWP 012: Doc On The Outlaw Dave Show – An Intro To His Principles & Why To Never Accept A Maybe Date

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This Podcast Was Taken From Two Of Over 20 Interviews Doc had on The Outlaw Dave Show On KPRC In Houston:  Learn more about Outlaw Dave, support his show and listen here.

INTERVIEW #1…An Introduction To Doc Love’s Principles:  This is a great refresher for veterans and a perfect introduction for newbies – when you internalize what Doc has to say then you’ll stand out from all the other men that women get rid of.

Get THE SYSTEM:  https://www.doclove.com/system/ because this will change your life and answer the question why a woman chooses to stay with one man versus another.  Be the man she chooses to stay with.

INTERVIEW #2…Do Not Accept A Maybe Date:  A maybe date is really a no – don’t get your hopes up and do not fall into the trap of allowing her to string you along with a “maybe.”

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