DWP 006: It’s Not Okay To “Hang Out,” Why He Needs To Back Off His Girl & More | Doc Love - Dating Advice For Men

DWP 006: It’s Not Okay To “Hang Out,” Why He Needs To Back Off His Girl & More

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Is  Your Girl An Asset Or A Liability:  What type of woman should you be going for?  We break down the characteristics you should be looking for.

If She's Not Crazy About You – She'll Be Crazy About Someone:  Remember that there are guys always floating around so keep her in love!  It's amazing how many guys don't realize when women are turned off.

One In Five Women Are Not In Love With Their Husbands:  You think this isn't true?  It absolutely is – don't  fall into this trap.  Can women actually do this?  You bet!!!  We talk about the reasons why this happens.

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Don't Go To Her House If…:  She's not your girlfriend.  Why?  BECAUSE IT IS ANTI-CHALLENGE.  Women are used to having guys fall all over them.  When you do things different she perceives you differently and making them earn your affection is big.  When you do things as if you're a boyfriend when you're not takes you down a notch in her eyes because you're acting like every other guy she got rid of.

Shut The Phone OFF On A Date:  Focus on your date completely – plus it minimizes the chance you'll say something stupid in front of her.

Is It Okay To Hang Out:  NO, NO, NO AND NO!  We do not hang out with women – we go out with a purpose – and that purpose is to date her until it leads to her asking you be her boyfriend.

She Told Him She's Busy All Week:  He needs to back off!


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