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Dating Women Advice: Could Michael Strahan Make A Long Distance Relationship Work?


He's got a long distance relationship on his hands but this is one of the few times it can work.

Why?  Very special circumstances.

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Hey Doc,

I am your follower, bought “The System” and follow every update on your dating women radio show.

Anyway, I met Tania three months ago. She demonstrated high Interest Level from the very beginning. I was a gentleman at all times, our dates were nice and funny, and there was no contact between dates. There were no exes lurking in the background and she even stopped seeing a male friend because of me. Three months later she is all over me. She already calls herself my girlfriend, changed her Facebook status before I did, and calls and writes me first 80% of the time. She compliments me and makes me breakfast and dinners. Everything is just perfect.

I left for Europe two days ago on a six-month work assignment. I informed Tania about this after two months of dating. She took it very badly and cried a lot. When we first started dating she didn’t know that I was going to be sent away because it wasn’t confirmed and I didn’t want to scare her off. The good thing is that my company will allow me to return for three to four days every month.

My assignment is not permanent and I am coming back home in September and won’t be traveling overseas anymore. Tania and I keep in touch by Skype and messenger. Because I don’t want to lose my power as a Challenge, I still show Self-Control and never tell Tania that I miss her or that I love her. When I speak with her I sound Confident, happy and I try to use humor. She always talks about the future. When she was sad I told her that we can get through everything together, and she said that I make her believe that we can make it.

But I need your coaching, Doc. How often should I keep in touch with Tania and for how long? When I get back home I still want to own this girl. I know that long distance does not work and before I got “The System” I’d already had some bad experiences with long distance relationships. Tania did too. But this is not the standard long distance relationship (or at least that is what I want to believe). It’s a pity that Tania and I had only three months together, but they were a great three months. Any tips you can give me to keep this thing going would be greatly appreciated. I believe this is something that many men face these days.

Renaldo - who wants to make it work


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Hi Renaldo,

First of all, it was great that when Tania’s Interest Level in you was 95% and she knew she wanted you, she didn’t let anything at all get in the way of your relationship taking off. Tania is one smart girl, my friend.

In fact, everything that happened up until the time of your departure for Europe was great. I’m very happy for you that you had three months in with Tania, but it would have been better if you’d had six months to a year in with her. To you Psych majors, the more time you have in with a woman who has high Interest Level, the more it guarantees that she is going to hang in there and stay in love with you for the long haul.

But here’s the bad news: you’re in Europe for a six-month assignment. In other words, you’re halfway around the world for half a year. Again, it would be much better if you had more time in with Tania when you expose your relationship to the dangers of long distance. And by the way, it was very smart of you not to mention that you were decamping for Europe until the assignment was confirmed. You’ve learned a lot from following my program, pal.

It’s likewise wonderful that you’re spending three to four days a month back in the States. When you’re back home, you have to spend all that time with Tania. This is extremely important.

If you can pull this routine off for six months, you’ll be... 

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The Dating Women Radio Show is ON THE AIR WEDNESDAYS at 5:00 p.m. PT/ 8:00 p.m. ET - you can listen live at each week.

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