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Dating Women Advice: Personal Responsibility


Recently a friend of mine was telling me about a buddy of his that is an alcoholic.

He said the guy told him he tried to quit drinking seriously 3 times.The first time he quit for his mother's sake.

Didn't work.

The second time he quit for his wife.

Didn't work.

The third time he quit, its finally working.


He said: "I took personal responsibility for my actions. That was 10 years ago."All of us have to take personal responsibility for our actions. Blaming others for things we can control is useless.Look, we've all known guys that have been dumped by their girlfriend or wife. Maybe it’s happened to you.

They may blame her family, her friends, not seeing each other enough, seeing each other too much and on and on. None of them are the real reason.They are SYMPTOMS; the real reason is THEIR EGO.

What's THE SYSTEM say?

Put your ego aside and take personal responsibility for your actions. Blaming others is like a baseball player blaming the bat when he strikes out.

THE SYSTEM gives you the tools. It tells you to think for yourself. You can't get right with anybody until you're right with yourself.

THE SYSTEM is your guide. Turn to any page and there is a life lesson you can refer to for the rest of your dating and relationship life. It won't let you down, I promise.


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