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The 411 On

You've seen the TV commercials (unless your address is carved into the stone of your cave) and it's literally one of the biggest and most well-known dating sites in the world. I frequently talk about them on my dating women radio show but like anything in life nothing is perfect - so let's dig in and see what the 411 on this site is.

A Relatively Expensive Dating Site is not the most expensive out there but it will definitely make you think twice about your monthly budget - in fact you might be weighing how many of your favorite craft beers you have to give up to afford's services.

The nice thing about Match is that you can go month by month - but that's clearly the most expensive option as they will hit you for the highest monthly fee if you show them you're only going to date them for the short-term (hey, they don't want to feel used!) - the basic package will cost you over $40/month for the option I just spoke of but if you commit to a longer-term relationship with them (12 months) that price can drop to sub-$25 per month (so you can put a few IPA brews back into your budget). Profiles & Extras likes to ding you for some extras - and it's REALLY SMART business on their part to reel you in with them - because once you've made that new, shiny profile you want it to be seen and have the lovely ladies of the world contact you - so they give you several options that you can buy as one-offs as much as you'd like and all are in the sub-$5 range:

  • Did she read your email? $4.99 a month - a waste of money - who cares if she read it - you only want her to either respond or not respond
  • Highlighted profiles to make you stand out from the competition. $4.99 a month.
  • MatchPhone virtual phone number for calls and texts. $3.99 per month.
  • Rank your profile up top of searches for $3 and change and you'll appear there for a half hour - which some guys say increases women contacting them.
  • You can also go "undercover" (about $2 for 24 hours) like a secret agent so that you don't get busted for looking at that hot blonde's profile again and again and again and again.
  • Buying the extras can easily make your month by month fee go north of $50 or $60, especially if you go undercover daily (which I don't recommend - just look at her profile once, email her and then be done with it - she'll either get back to you or she won't).



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What's Great About

  • Nice look to the site.
  • Lot of advertising and notoriety so that when you subscribe you won't feel like you rolled into the nightclub that never advertises and see no women there - you should find a # of ladies that interest you.
  • The user interface allows you to easily see all your matches in one place.
  • The site prods you to see women even if you're not searching via their "daily matches" and "who do you like" that has you check out 10 pairs of women . These features make it a no-brainer to find women - and that's good because my SYSTEM teaches guys that dating is like sales and the more leads you have, the better.
  • You can see women to chat with immediately. I don't recommend you do this I teach guys that texting, instant communication, etc. can become a trap and a time-waster. Your whole object is to get her in the real world and having a real time conversation with her online might disqualify you.
  • The ability to temporarily hide your profile if you want to drop off for a bit without deleting everything.
  • You can also choose, for a price, to make it private so you control who sees you (IE, contact the women you're interested in and stay away from the women you're not). Complaints

  • Ugh, they have to approve EVERYTHING - so it can get frustrating if you're making minor text changes or uploading one photo - and they'll temporarily take your profile offline which can can really slow you down. They're usually pretty fast but if you're like the guys I know when they want to surf and look for women - they want to do it NOW when they have time.
  • Their cancellation policy is very confusing and very smart at the same time (smart for them anyway). They make you step through multiple screens and if you're not careful you stay for another round of billing. It is NOT a fast process by internet standards and definitely not a "1 click and you're out." Make sure you get a cancellation email to verify and once you do, you're set - but look for that confirmation otherwise your credit card is getting hit again!
  • Also, there's a bunch of chatter online about how their customer service is hard to get a hold of with long wait times and automated messages. I suppose that's the way for a lot of big sites these days but it doesn't make it any less frustrating - especially when you could be paying over $500 annually depending on what services you choose.

Doc's Final Word Is A Scam?

The answer to this is no - is a very good site and one of the places I recommend frequently on my dating women radio show - it could be your ticket to meeting Ms. Right. However, can only do so much - they're not going to get her interested for you nor go on the date for you so if you want to maximize your opportunity with women you encounter there then take the free 7-day trial to my hyper-popular Doc Love Club.

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