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Why Self-Control Is So IMPORTANT (free 7-day dating course: day 7)

I want to personally thank you for making it to the end of this 7-day dating course and congratulate you on being in the top 10% of guys out there willing to invest in yourself.

You have started on an amazing journey and you are only at the beginning.  As much content as I have given you in this free course you have only scratched the surface.

Some other things I must coach you to do can only be found in my book (and the good news for you is I still have the discount available for you below).

Other things you must learn are:

*Discerning her hidden agenda
*Why having a backbone is vital
*Beauty and how to handle it when she has it
*Closing the deal with her
*How to stamp down your own ego - and if you don't you will be out of luck with women
*Handling games women play
*Jealousy and how even showing a little can end your chances with her
*How to avoid mercenaries (gold diggers) with a minimal impact on your wallet
*Why being a nice guy is no good
*Developing self-confidence
*Women and testing
*The secret language of "Womanese"

All in all my book contains over 200 pages in the written form and 176 chapters in the audio format.  

Isn't it worth $79 (my special below) to understand women once and for all?  Don't let your journey stop here!  Invest in yourself and invest in me - no one else out there is in your corner like me.

Enjoy Day 7 and enjoy your bonuses below

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You cannot go anywhere with women until you can control yourself - find out why below and also enjoy your bonuses!

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