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Where Can I Meet More Women – 3 Ideas (DAY 1 OF 7 FREE DATING COURSE)

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I want to thank you for investing in yourself - you are in the top 10% of guys out there - 90% of guys won't pay attention to this material but I guarantee it will change your life.  Below is your day 1 lesson along with what to expect the next 7 days.

In addition to getting regular emails from me pointing you at even more content here is what you can expect - and it's all meat and no potatoes as I'll give you vital coaching every day that will make you better with women.

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DAY 1 (TODAY):  3 ideas on meeting more women

DAY 2:  How to approach women

DAY 3:  What CHALLENGE is and how it is so important to being successful with women

DAY 4:  The ALL IMPORTANT first date and how not to blow it.  The first date is VITAL

DAY 5:  The first 60 days of a relationship - and this will determine whether or not she becomes your girlfriend.  DO NOT BLOW THE FIRST 60 DAYS (fortunately this day will help you not do that!)

DAY 6:  Mastering electronic communication (internet, social media, texting) so it benefits you.  BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THAT MOST GUYS do not do this well and blow their chances and don't even realize it

DAY 7:  The key thing you need to tie it all together - SELF-CONTROL + BONUSES


I know where you’re not going to meet women – staring at the football game or having a game controller in your hand.  Online is a pretty obvious place to go - and a lot of guys do online dating - but how about in the real world too?

I have 3 great ideas for you below.


Speed dating events are usually in a nice bar/restaurant with an even amount of age-matched men and women (for example, 25-34) and the men move around the room like musical chairs every 3-8 minutes chatting up the women that are usually sitting in some kind of circle around the location.

Each person has some kind of name tag or identifier and at the end of the evening you turn in the women that you’re interested in to the organizers and the women do the same. If there’s a match then you’re given each other’s contact information and it’s on you at that point. I love the efficiency of speed dating because the cost is moderate but still enough (usually $30-$50) that the women showing up are serious about finding someone.

Most ladies that pay $30-$50 and take time out of their schedules to come to a bar/restaurant to have a new guy talk to them every 3-8 minutes are there for a purpose.

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If you’re attending any of the above with the specific purpose of meeting women then FORGET IT. These types of things are great places to meet women in a low key fashion and get to know them over time and there should be some rapport that builds as you proceed because you’re both sharing a common interest and it’s a non-threatening way to get to know women.

However, if you’re going to commit time and/or money then do something you’ll personally get something out of. You may not meet anyone so you should get SOME kind of benefit for your investment and if you have zero interest or dislike the subject but you think that “it’ll be good for you because women will be there” then you’ll fail because the women you do meet will see your disdain at some point.


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I put sales into dating – great salespeople always have their antennas up. For example, a salesperson is in line at the coffee shop and starts chatting with someone at random and finds out they have a business with “x, y and z” challenges that the salesperson has a solution for – so what do they do? They gently push the conversation to what they can do for the person and they exchange information in hopes of a meeting.

You have to think the same way – scan for opportunities when out doing your normal thing. Now, you won’t always be in line with a beautiful single lady just like the salesperson isn’t always going to be in line with a business owner that happens to have a need for their product but you have to always be ready and be willing to talk!


Now that you have some ideas on where to meet women we will show you how to approach them.

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Attitude - why is it so important she has a good attitude?
How do you handle a broken date?
Why giving your business card (or LinkedIn profile) is useless when meeting her.
What about sex?