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#24: Reality Show Housewives, Godfather II & THE SYSTEM- 1/28/11

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The recent spate of housewives reality shows from New York, Atlanta, Orange County and Washington reminded me of a scene in the movie Godfather II.

If you recall, I recently wrote an article about the use of "I" instead of "you" or "we." I said to avoid the woman that starts everything with "I."

The use of "I" instead of "you" or "we" would certainly apply to the reality show housewives.

A woman that respects and loves her husband would never do a reality show, they're offensive.

The scene from Godfather II I'm going to describe shows how a woman with high INTEREST LEVEL in her husband reacts.

In Godfather II Robert DeNiro plays the younger version of the future Godfather played by Marlon Brando. The scene takes place when DeNiro is living in a tenement in New York City in the 1920's- he's living there with his wife and young children. On DeNiro's way home from work, he stops at a street vendor's cart and picks out a fresh piece of fruit (I think it's a pear), he puts it in a bag and continues home to his apartment in the tenement. When he arrives, he hangs up his coat and with the piece of fruit in his hand; he goes into the main room of the small apartment. His wife is preparing supper.

When DeNiro sits down to eat he takes the fruit and places it on his wife's plate. When she brings him his supper she notices the fruit on her plate. What's the reaction of his wife to this small gift? Keep in mind guys they're living in this rundown tenement in the poorest part of New York with very few creature comforts or material goods.

She looks down at the piece of fruit on her plate, her eyes light up and she thanks and kisses him! Can you see one of those reality show barracudas react to their husband in that way?

Not unless they found a diamond ring in the fruit.

Guys, that scene from Godfather II proves THE SYSTEM again- IE, a woman's INTEREST LEVEL cuts through everything.

By the way, aren't those reality show housewives sweet? They must dip their tongues in arsenic before they speak.

Until next week, thanks for all your support.

Jeff and I appreciate it.