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#8: Players- 10/8/10

After about 40 years of talking & listening to guys plus interviewing thousands of women, some things never change.

I've said you never try to convince a player to read THE SYSTEM.

Who is a player?

He’s the guy that has a lot of casual physical relationships with women.

He's like Hugh Hefner. Love them and leave them- like the line from that old Eagles song: "I've got seven women on my mind."

He doesn't need anyone's advice. He's the mambo king, the alpha male. A lot of guys want to be like him.

What's the problem?

The problem is that he's clueless, being a player is crazy.

Here are just a few reasons why it's crazy:

  • STD's (including AIDS) for openers.
  • Getting one of those "7 women on your mind" pregnant (can you say "18 years of payments").
  • What if one of the 7 is crazy and accuses you of sexual assault after a night of drinking (there's a lot of crazies out there guys).
  • Her whacky ex boyfriend or husband stalking you.
  • There's also the possible invasion of your privacy if she decides to record your little encounter with the iPhone in her purse. Welcome to the 21st century.

Remember guys, the more whackos you hang around with, the bigger chance you'll step in you know what.

You know what THE SYSTEM says: "Go slow, get to know her."

Still, a lot of guys love the players. They want to be one.

As far as players go, whacky women love them and clueless guys envy them. That sounds like a bad movie promo but it's true.

Players go from being clueless when they're young to sad when they age- they try to relive the glory days (it never works). Some things never change.

What's the difference between a player and a SYSTEM guy?

A SYSTEM guy is faithful to his girlfriend, fiancé or wife- he loves and takes care of his children. He's not a wimp- IE; he's his own man and not a fool when it comes to dating and relationships.

He should also be a member of the DOC LOVE CLUB.

Until next week guys, thank you for all your support.

Jeff and I appreciate it.