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Doc Love Interviews

New to THE SYSTEM? You can listen to an interview from WIMA (Clear Channel, Lima, OH) by going here or below are 22 FREE interviews on various dating and relationship subjects for men. All 22 segments below were taken from Doc’s interviews on the highly popular Outlaw Dave Show on The 9-5-0 AM in Houston, TX (Clear Channel).

An Introduction to Doc's Principles

How To Keep Her In Love

Get Her Number

Selecting The Right Girl

10 Tips For A Great First Date

You Can't Get Her Back

Beware of Bad Signs (Red Flags)

Why Is She Really With You?

What Women Are Off Limits

Never Accept A Broken Date

5 Secrets To Women

Online Dating Tips

Is Your Son Struggling With Women?

When Should She Be Your Girlfriend?

Getting A Relationship With Her

How To Stop Being The Nice Guy

Are You Prepared To Meet Her?

One Chance, Per Woman, Per Lifetime

Do NOT Accept A "Maybe Date" From Her

How To Meet Women In Places Besides A Bar

Mistakes That Lead To Rejection

Do Not Hate Your Ex-Girlfriend