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#3: Happy Wife, Happy Life – 9/3/10

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I heard some guy on a reality show say "happy wife, happy life."

I'm sure that quote has been around a long time, one of those sayings that you never find out where it came from originally.

In any case, it has a lot of truth in it (and it applies to your girlfriend or fiancé as well).

You guys that are in the Doc Love Club can define it because you have THE SYSTEM.

For the new members getting up to speed, let me weigh in.

A happy wife goes hand in hand with high interest level in her husband.

A woman not in love with her husband can't be a happy wife.

It's impossible.

All of these novels about romance have one constant in them. A woman head over heels in love with ONE MAN usually doesn't get together with him until the end of the book.

Why? Because they build the story and he is a challenge to her.

Women love a man that's a CHALLENGE.

The guy also has to be courageous. A woman can't be in love with a wimp. He has to be self-confident, brave and a CHALLENGE.

You can give your wife, fiancé or girlfriend a world of material things, but that won't make her love you.

They may be grateful, as everyone likes nice things. They may give you a lot of attention or brag about your generosity to their friends and family.
That, however, is NOT love.

Material things will not make her love you if her interest level in you is 49% or lower.

Look at Hugh Hefner. He showers young women with a lavish lifestyle. Does he get physical contact? Yes. Does he get lavish praise and thank you's? Yes. Do they say he's the greatest? Absolutely.

Are they in love with him?


In THE SYSTEM, "happy wife, happy life" means a woman with integrity, that is a FLEXIBLE GIVER and has HIGH INTEREST LEVEL in her husband.
There is NO OTHER kind of happy wife. THE SYSTEM is proven right again.
Until next week, thanks for all your support. Jeff and I appreciate it.