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Thanks for being here – you have come in from DWP 164 to get your gift and what is your gift?

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We copied an actual page from The Doc Love Club to give you your present and it includes:

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*The full show – over an hour of audio – this show was from 8/29/18

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Hey Doc,

I am completely confounded and devastated and need your coaching.

I purchased and read “The System” multiple times and have incorporated it into all of my actions. I call women instead of texting, I ask them out, I only spend six or seven minutes on the phone in order to build interest, then go from there.

I met the stunning Madison, single, never married, and engaged five times. When I met her she had a boyfriend. I called her once and she didn’t call back, so I figured that was that. Months later, she called me out of the blue and we began chatting from time to time. Eventually she asked me out. We went out and had a great time. After a while she told me that she dispatched the boyfriend and a few months later we were exclusive.

Now it’s three years later. One night when Madison was supposed to be out with her girlfriends, I found out that she was at a concert with some guy and apparently has been seeing him on the side. Madison alleges that there is nothing physical between them. Doc, I don’t believe her. I don’t just “spend time” with women and I don’t know anyone who does.

Madison and I have been fighting about this ever since I made the discovery of the presence of this other guy. She tells me that she loves me and wants to marry me and have a future. Is this hopeless? What am I supposed to do now?

Joon – who can’t believe this happened

Hi Joon,

Hold it right here. The fact that Madison has been engaged FIVE TIMES is the BIGGEST RED FLAG I’ve ever seen in my life! This woman is what we call a BOLTER, a DRIFTER, meaning that when she gets in deep with a guy to the point where they are engaged, just before the marriage she dumps him. It would be okay if she’d done it once, but Madison has done this FIVE times. And look at the long, sordid chain of events that has to have happened here: she dates the guy…she gets deeply involved with him… she becomes his girlfriend…he asks her to get married and she says yes… they discuss a date…then, just before the wedding, she bails – not once, not twice, but FIVE times. What you didn’t ask yourself is this question, Joon: why aren’t you going to be number six?

Now you find out that Madison is out with some other guy. Dude, this woman is NOT LOYALThe NUMBER ONE THING that men want is LOYALTY. To you Psych majors, when your girlfriend goes out with some other guy when she’s supposed to be in love with you, it contradicts high Interest Level.

Now some guys, after they get the girl, slowly walk away from the principles of “The System” and as a result get themselves into trouble. No doubt you did that, Joon. But once again, before you did any of that, Madison’s walking away from an engagement five times is the biggest RED FLAG you can ever see.

It doesn’t matter whether there is anything physical between Madison and this other guy. So you’re arguing over the wrong thing here, pal. The real point is that she went out with another man while she was supposed to be in love with you. Like my cousin Rabbi Love says, “It’s a contradiction in terms.”

Madison has low Interest Level in you, and coupled with those five broken engagements, she’s a high risk to bolt. And that’s what she’s going to do with you now. When she gets in deep with a guy, she leaves him. Like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L.A. says, “That’s her pattern, and she’s not going to change.”

Yes, this thing is hopeless, Joon. Madison’s track record is horrible. And she’s a LIAR too, by the way.

What are you supposed to do now? You’re supposed to drop her and go back to “The System” and memorize it, because apparently you picked the wrong woman. Would “The System” ever say it was okay to go out with a woman who’s been engaged five times? The answer of course is NO. If you didn’t see that Red Flag – even without the help of “The System” – you need to look a lot closer at her, my friend.

Remember, guys: Loyalty is number one.


I saw a photo on social media the other day of someone pointing their middle finger to the sky outside their car window as they merged into traffic.  They might have thought they had a legit reason to salute the car behind them as the person in that vehicle perhaps cut them off.  However, I don’t see any reason for this because no one will have seen the incident that precipitated the action – they’ll only see the action.

What I mean by that is that the person with their finger out the window looks like the jerk to the world – no matter what  that moment is out there forever and with their middle digit pointed to the sky they have now been captured for posterity.

So, when you have an instinct that you’re going to tell her off via email, voicemail, smoke signal, Pony Express, postcard, or any method remember that your reaction is captured forever and in 2018 you can become social media famous.

It won’t matter that she slept with your best friend while you were in the hospital with a softball injury, it won’t matter that she was rude to you via messenger, it won’t matter that she talked behind your back and you found out.

The only thing that will matter is the snippet of your reaction she puts out there for the world to see.  Think it can’t happen?  Let me ask you this – how hard is it to put something on social media?  Whether she actually does or doesn’t is not relevant – the fact that you’re stupid enough to give up your power and have her hold that over your head (possibly) is the point.

Once it’s out there you can’t explain it away – it’s there forever.

Oh Doc, you’re being paranoid – the vast majority of women won’t bother.

My point is why take that chance?  You should never put your reputation in the hands of anyone – especially for something that you will probably not even be mad about next week.

Remember guys, if you don’t want your family, boss and friends to see you in a different light then forget about sending her nasty messages.

Until next week, thanks for your support.

Jeff and I appreciate it.

NEXT WEEK:  THE SYSTEM  says that you should believe you’re the Cleveland Browns when it comes to dating.  Wait, WHAT? You’ll find out what we mean next week!