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CHALLENGE Is The Key To Women (free 7-day dating course: day 3)

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What if you came up to a car dealer and said that you'd pay anything for that car you saw on the lot - you had to have it no matter what!

Do you think you'll make your best deal that day?

Always remember you don't get what you DESERVE but you get what you NEGOTIATE.

Dating is no different from a business deal - if you want her worse than she wants you and you show it then you will be taken for a ride - and not one you will like.

Remember that she likes DIFFERENT and most every guy does the same thing with her - he shows her how much he likes her right up front and that never works with women!  

Below is an audio chapter from  THE SYSTEM/DATING DICTIONARY that will enlighten you on why you need to be a challenge - you can play it from this page or right click and download it & don't forget you get a 10% discount on THE SYSTEM/DATING DICTIONARY!  

Play right here or right click to download the SYSTEM AUDIO below (make sure to right click on the “41_Challenge” link below the player to save the audio)



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Okay, it's a lot of work to get that all important first date.  Notice how I say ALL IMPORTANT?  You have to be very strategic in how you handle a first date or you will forever blow your opportunity with her!

Don't forget to hang with us through day 7 because on day 7 you will get a bonus of the following audio chapters from THE SYSTEM/DATING DICTIONARY:

Attitude - why is it so important she has a good attitude?
How do you handle a broken date?
Why giving your business card (or LinkedIn profile) is useless when meeting her.
What about sex?