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System Test


Why is it SO EASY for *some* guys to get GREAT ladies that are ALL OVER THEM while YOU struggle to get past a few dates?

Are women nuts or....

Is it that those guys are doing something DIFFERENT than you?


I've interviewed over 10,000 women and I KNOW WHAT THOSE GUYS ARE DOING (and what you're likely NOT doing).

The good news is that it's NOT A SECRET ANYMORE. I can train you to not blow it with Ms. Right and be like those other guys you see laughing with their beauties as you contemplate whether to order another beer or just be done for the night as you spend yet another LONELY weekend (ugh - let's make THAT a thing of the past for you).

I've gotten thousands of "you changed my life" letters from happy guys (and women who loved the guys I trained) and a small sample size is here.

I will teach you:

*Why a woman chooses to stay with one man versus another
*How to stop getting rejected by women - you'll be the one doing the rejecting because you'll know who to go after and who to stay away from
*The ONE thing women find irresistible - and it's not money or looks
*How to stop wasting hundreds if not thousands on dates that go nowhere - before you go on date 1
*What you MUST DO to get her to CHASE YOU
*How to know if she really likes you or is just there to burn your Visa card
*The type of woman to go after so you that you have your best chance at no more lonely weekends

If all of that sounds like a snake oil salesman puffing then think again - if my book is not worth $20,000 then return it in 60 days - no questions asked . If you don't believe the $20,000 figure then just ask your divorced buddy what all that mess cost him.

I've got many different ways for you to order below - you can choose a book with several shipping options or my products you can download immediately (System Audio or the Electronic System).

Sorry, no returns accepted for the System Audio or the Electronic System (the downloadable products).

What I've learned from women I teach to men - and women WILL NEVER LOOK AT YOU THE SAME AGAIN once you internalize my materials.

Choose below whether you want a book or downloadable product and select your proper country/shipping option.

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